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~Promise of Reunion~

Day 48 – Ib Bonus Dungeon Part 1! Our “Promise of Reunion”!

I actually did the “Promise of Reunion” with the game yesterday night. I started from my “Promise of Reunion” save from around 40 days ago, and made a new game using it. I reached around Episode 3 before I slept and now made it to the Bonus Dungeon! Oh and by the way, this second playthrough is also a “Promise of Reunion” run. It took a relatively short time to get where I am, since I still remembered most of what I did in the past. I may be missing quite a few things in the Dungeon, but what I did here is what I did in the game.



“So Mary. Watch me burn the painting.”

This is the first screenshot of the game I took after taking a long break. It looks like they’re staring at the painting together. If I waited around one-fourth a second more, then surely I would have gotten a game over. As I stated above, this is a “Promise of Reunion” end, so I have Garry and gave him the handkerchief after getting hurt. There’s nothing different in the first and second playthrough in my opinion. I’m pretty sure I did the exact same things as I did during my first play. Except for the Dungeon of course.


“You feel like you’ve been there..?”

Well that sounds kind of ominous. Maybe Garry used this way to go to the Guertena Gallery? Of course he wouldn’t take the route Ib took, since they were at the Gallery at the same time. Instead of dropping down the Abyss like Ib, Garry might have taken these stairs. Hopefully I’ll find more about why he feels like this when we enter the place. And for your information, if you want to know how to get here, you need to be in your second playthrough and go to Episode 5.


“I think you’re a tease.”

I had no idea what to do in this place, so I just went to the first place I could see, which was this area. It doesn’t really have much to offer, but a few dialogues and an event item. The event item is the last frame, which is used to trigger the event with the white ant near the gorge. Talk to him and he’ll say that you should put it down. And then you can actually cross! You’ll see two flowers next.


Deadly  Stubborn Twins”

Yes, very deadly. As a player of horror games, I couldn’t help but see what actually happened if I went near the two. Apparently, I died very quickly. They sap your health really fast, so it’s best not to actually go here for the mean time. The next area to go to would be to go right then down, then left to the door nearest to the sleeping snake. He’s sleeping, so don’t worry about him doing anything at all. Go inside the door and you can see the tail of the snake to the right. You can pull it if you want (he won’t hurt you), or you can just proceed up to the hallway of doom. Just keep dodging the needles and step on the box near the top.


“A Deadly butterfly is stuck to the wall?”

Luckily, no. The butterfly is by no means dangerous. Take out the needles and let it fly down. When you go back down, the painting “Mistake” will go out of its frame and start roaming around. He aims to get you, but since his face is scribbled, he can’t see well. He moves quite fast though. Go to the butterfly and capture it.


“Where’d you go?!”

The butterfly will fly away to the picture of a candle. Take this picture and proceed to the door to the left of the clock. There are two paintings here, a vase of some sort, and a few canvases. The canvases are important as they tell you key numbers for the code needed later. But first, we need to activate the clock.



I was really tempted to answer the second one! Oh well, I think the first choice would have been the best answer. After encountering this mini-event, head left then up, then keep going to a painting on the wall. It’s called “Switch” or something like that. Hold your candle up (quite ominous if you ask me, feels like something will happen), to press the switch to activate the clock outside. Go outside then answer the puzzle using the information from the canvases you saw!


“Lame puzzle.”

I don’t mean lame as in it was too easy, I mean lame as in it was quite an annoying puzzle. I actually kept guessing to get this number. I also took many screenshots, which I didn’t save as it would be a waste of space. If you want the answer, it’s 72391. If you read the canvases in the room to the left, you’ll see these numbers. After turning the whole room into night-time, the candle will disappear and the butterfly will start flying around the room. Nothing will happen when you talk to it, so keep going.


“You love stars? Me too.”

After the clock event, go back to the right room to the “Beyond Halcyon Skies” painting. You’ll see it turned night and shake it to reveal a star-shaped object. Pick it up and go to where you saw the white ant the first time. Give it to him and you’ll get the key to the room past the “Stubborn Twins”. Go here to get to the next area.


“Ominous stuff everywhere.”

I can’t say I didn’t expect it though. It’s a horror game after all. You can look around the area, and you’ll see a Gray Block to the right. Pick it up, and you’ll encounter a small event. Go to the room to the left (I did this, you can go to the right area if you want) and this room is the Cyclops room. The point of this room is to have Ib look around and see who’s the Cyclops that’s alive. By this it means try to look for the Cyclops that moves. It’s annoying, but really simple to do. When you’re in this room, go to the bottom-left corner, pick up the Gray Block and proceed to do the room quest.


“I found you!”

If you notice, the painting at the top’s eye is at a different place. The way you know it’s the correct cyclops is that it looks to the left, then to the right. And when you point to it, it will look down at you. I’m not sure if it’s the same for all games though. After finding the cyclops, it’ll drop a gray block.

That’s it for today! I actually planned to right an experience only, but got carried away since I had quite a lot of screenshots. Which was a pain to get, since I had to do the old Alt+Print Screen technique, and then crop it. I’ve gotten quite used to doing it, so I don’t mind that much now though. Oh yeah, this was the part I actually stopped at, so I have no idea as of the moment, what I need to do next or what comes next.


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