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Day 5 – Bug, Update or just me? Ib version 1.05

It’s been a while ever since I played Ib. I remember how to do some of the puzzles within the game, but the story, I don’t remember. After someone recommended me to play Ib 1.05, I decided to download it and take a look what changed. Well, I can’t tell what changed if I don’t even remember much from the last.

I was breezing through the first part of the game without getting a single game over. I was quite happy with the progress I made, finishing the puzzles only loosing a few roses. When the separation event happened (Garry splits up with Ib and Mary), I remembered something about getting the umbrella. I did get the umbrella and checked the fishing hook picture. As I didn’t see any fishing hook, I switched over to Ib and Mary for them to look at the fisherman picture. Apparently, nothing happened, as I switched back to Garry, he didn’t see anything in his side.

Another weird thing I thought was getting the pink paint ball. According to a certain walkthrough I found in the internet, after going outside the library and taking one step, I should hear a sound which meant a bookcase had moved to the side. Maybe it’s just the game itself, but I always hear a sound when moving out of the library. After moving one step, I went to take a look if anything had happened. Well, nothing did.

Maybe it’s a bug, maybe it’s part of the Ib version 1.05 update. Or maybe it’s just me missing a few things in the game. Either way, I’m going to take a look at it tomorrow and see what I can do about it. If I have to, I’ll create a new game.

Anyway, cheers. Amenomori.


2 thoughts on “Day 5 – Bug, Update or just me? Ib version 1.05

  1. you have to break the mannequin head (when you play as Ib) in the room (room that contains Lady without her umbrella painting)
    break the mannequin on the left side number 2 from the door
    hoe it helps! sorry if my english is weird 🙂

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