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Day 51 – Ib Bonus Dungeon Part 2! Heavenly Bodies! Endings!

Today, I’m playing Ib again. I feel better now, but still slightly sick. I can think straight and finish the puzzles with ease, unlike a few days ago. With that, I’ll pick up from where I left off last time, which is after the “Cycloptic Smile” puzzle.



It looks quite real. The hole I mean. And with the painting behind it… I’ll probably get pushed into it. Which is actually correct. If you go to the hole and take a look at it, the painting will jump out and push you in the hole. Don’t worry though, as it leads you to a room which is locked from the outside. As you fall down, you’ll pass by “Heavenly Bodies”, or stars and space things. Take note of these as you fall.


“Ib has taken 1 HP damage!”

I thought it would be more severe, but the outcome is that Ib takes 1 damage. Well, if you’ve gotten this far, I doubt it would be hard to lose all those roses. Anyway… Mistake will appear in the room after a while. Make sure to head down to the door to open it. Go out and Mistake will follow you outside. This is good because now he won’t be bothering you the next time you enter this room.


“I want you treasure!”

Go to the “Jewel Box of Temptation”  and talk to it from the sides. If you talk to it from behind, it’ll ask you to go to the sides. If you talk to it from the front, you’ll just read its title. Of course you should choose want, or else nothing happens and you don’t get to proceed (you can always come back here though). This is actually pretty hard, in my opinion. Go to the writing on the wall, it says something like “Which two heavenly bodies aren’t there?”


“Give me you treasure now.”

To solve this, you have to remember the heavenly bodies you’ve seen while falling down. Which two of the bodies here weren’t there as you fell? The answer are the ones in the picture above. You can actually always just do the guess and check method, which is to choose one body, change the other one then talk to the box. But that can take a really long time as he can bite. After this, he’ll give you a painting.


Deadly Colors.”

This room is located to the right of the save point in the main room. Go to this room and you’ll find a room with two blocks, a painting and a lot of colors scattered on the floor. Avoid the green patches, they are pretty dangerous as they don’t stop you at all and damage you by 1 each time you step on them. You can use them as a way to escape the mayhem, but you can do the puzzle without doing so. Pick up the blocks and step on the button to the right of the room. This will deactivate the “Mayhem of Colors” chasing you.


“Charcoal Black!”

I could imagine how bad and dirty this place would be in real life… As the instructions say above, your job is to capture the black stickfigures in the map. Some move fast, some move slowly. You don’t have to talk to them to capture them. Just walk over them and you’ll capture them. There are also red stickfigures here. Avoid them. I’m not sure what they do as they’re pretty slow, but they’ll probably inflict 1 damage upon contact.


“No wonder.”

After thinking about what happened in the room while exploring, I found this book. The title is “Croquis Book”. This means that it’s a collection of quick and rough sketches of a live model. This is probably why there are stickfigures all around the room. It is also mentioned that the room has a smell of charcoal. I assume that the stickfigures were drawn in charcoal.


“Turning point?”

Anyway… Pick all the stick people up and stuff them in here. Close the book, and go to the upper-middle part of the room. You’ll see a block there. Pick it up. You should also see the small bird that was tired near here, moving around. Make contact with it and it will start following you. Now go out.



Now we go to the Endless Hallway. This is the hallway to the right part of the main room. Go in here with the bird and it’ll show you the proper way to get through. The proper way to go through here is… (From Ib’s Position) Right, right, right, right, right, down, right, up, up, right, right, down, right, right. Then after that, you can keep going right to the bird. Talk to the bird and it’ll jump inside the painting. Talk to the painting and a block will appear to your right. Pick it up.


“Sure, let’s rest!”

This room’s location is the most top-left door in the main room. Go here and Garry will ask you if you want to rest. Given that you’ve done all the actions above, of course you’d say “Sure”! Once Garry sits near the painting, you’re free to move again in the room. The first thing you should do is go to the bottom-right set of bookshelves. Go to the one in the middle and read “Cubism”. A painting will fall out for you to pick up.


“What’s happening?!”

After picking the block, go talk to Garry until his dialogue becomes “……”, in this case, after a while, the room will start to become slightly distorted and the cover from the painting near Garry will come off. Go to the upper-left bookshelf and interact with it. It will give you three choices. Of course we should choose the first choice!



The first task to do is to read the writings behind the east bookcase. It’s fairly simple, so go to the set of bookshelves to the right and go behind them to find the next message. The next message tells you to go to the gap in the long set of bookshelves. Go to the left of Garry and interact with the bookshelves from there. It will tell you to go to the canvas near the door. You’ll close your eyes and count to three. It’s a choice though. I mean, who wouldn’t do it?!


“Time is ticking~!”

Once you do this, the time you open your eyes again, there will be a cord in the middle of the room. Pull it. You’ll be transported to a small room with a moving painting, a red orb and a blue orb. If you ask me, this room is pretty neat looking. Except for the fact that the clock sound effect in the background grows louder and louder (then dies down soon).



In this room, you’re supposed to solve how many Crows there are in the picture. Also find out what object has an amount of five within the room. The answer to the right orb is 3 (there are 3 Crows in the picture). In the right, enter fish (I tried Flower, but I got damaged). If you get one correct, you’ll hear a sound, if you don’t, you’ll get damaged. Interact with the painting again and a block will appear below Ib. Pick it up and the painting in the main room should be complete. Go through the bottom-right exit, the bottom-left switch will kill you apparently.



Once you go out, the painting will be finished. Interact with it and once finished, you’ll hear a sound. The painting now will have a set of stairs. You can go in it. The room will be as black as the reception room when you go back to the art gallery. Keep going up and you’ll encounter a sculpture called the “Final Stage”.


“The End?”

It doesn’t seem like you can do anything here besides refill your HP and talk to the sculpture… at first glance. You can move the vase up to get through. To the side of the Dark Diamond bed, you’ll see a pair of footsteps. With this, you can interact with the bed. You can either not touch it, observe it or sleep. Nothing happens with the first two. But if you choose the last option, Garry will tell you it’s a bad idea and stop you.


“A Deadly Box?”

Well, since there’s nothing to do but open it, why don’t we do that? Once you open the box, Garry will say he notices nothing in the box. There’s actually something shining in it, this is the Black Key. The description for it is: “A black key. Bring it to the end, and…?” It seems like there are more extras after this! That’s kind of cool. Continue up to go back to the exhibit. You can obtain your ending now!


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