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Day 52 – Ib Bonus Dungeon Part 3! Welcome, Guertena!

Here we are with the final part of the game. Which is… the aftermath of the Bonus Dungeon. Did you think that it was just a random dungeon for players who are in their second run of the game? Not really. In fact, I thought it was like that. It actually has a small addition to the game, once you finish it. I’ll be talking about that small addition. In here, I’ll also talk about ending I got in my second playthrough a bit. This is because it’s part of the extras. Firstly though, I’ll talk about the “Promise of Reunion.”


“Nostalgic piano music…”

It’s a really nice piece. It really makes me feel nostalgic about the game, despite only not having played it for one month. I also have a slight feeling that it should have a continuation. But I know it’s better this way. It will be, and always be… the Ib I’ve known and played it to be. Thank you Ib for the time I have spent on you. The story was wonderful, the puzzles were good and everything pieced together. I actually feel motivated enough to visit an art exhibit. I’ve been in one before and I could say it was interesting in there. I’ll probably be more interested once I visit it again.


“I remember now too.”

Anyway… enough of the nostalgic stuff and sadness (I’m currently listening to the piece that was playing while writing this). The reason why I’m talking about this is because you need to get an ending where Ib goes back to the gallery in order to make use of the Black Key you got during the Bonus Dungeon. I mean, how are you going to use it if the door is all the way in the real world when you’re stuck in the Guertena World?


“B-b-black Key?!”

This happens after the credits. Once you save for your next play, this dialogue will occur, provided you’ve gotten out of the exhibit (meaning you didn’t get “END: Ib All Alone”) and you’ve gotten the Black Key from the dungeon. After this, you’ll here a sound effect of a door opening. You’ll then be transported immediately to the “True Guertena Exhibit”, the second extra (besides endings) that the game has to offer.


“I’m finally done!!!”

Not yet actually! This is still part of the game! While this is pretty short and straightforward, it’s a nice addition to the game, being able to hear the music, and absorb the art for what it is. As I like art exhibits, I actually find the artworks quite interesting, especially how their title came to be. Garry is somewhere here in the map, I’m sure.


“Additional Dialogue.”

I’m quite happy that Garry had additional dialogue. He actually has around 3 or 4 different things he can say while he’s here. I have barely any paintings because I skipped a lot during my playthrough for my Bonus Dungeon game. I know I should play one more time to get all the paintings. Some paintings, I know I won’t get because they’re reserved for the bad routes. Mary will probably appear once I get the ending “Together Forever”.


“The need for everything.”

Yes, this exhibit has nearly everything. Every painting encountered, even to the secret room in the Bonus Dungeon! It also has the music encountered within the game, which is a total of 17 if I counted correctly. The thing it’s missing are random people in it, which makes it kind of lonely. Though I know that preserves the real art exhibit feel more as there is near-complete silence.


“Music repertoire.”

Out of all the music within the game, my two most favorite would be “Main Theme: Memory” and “Gallery Theme”. The former really gives off a sense of nostalgia whilst the latter gives of a really high-class feel to the Gallery. It’s probably because of my liking for Violin (I’ve played Violin for quite some time), but I really like the music.

Well, that’s it for now! I’m going to post something again when I finish another run of the game, so I can fill my exhibit.


One thought on “Day 52 – Ib Bonus Dungeon Part 3! Welcome, Guertena!

  1. WOW I love this game too! your soluce is complete I think! Thanks so much

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