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Day 7 – Bugs and just me. Ib version 1.05

After playing Ib 1.05 a few times (by that, I mean I restarted twice), I found a way to get passed my current point, which was the missing fisherman in the painting and the missing sound to get the paintball.

Apparently, I had to break a mannequin head for it to appear. I didn’t think this was needed as all it would do is damage me and be aware of the gas room directly below. But I remembered that the place was supposed to rain during the part when you give the painting an umbrella. Where would the water seep in if the hole wasn’t present in the first place? Now that I think about, it’s pretty logical that I had to break the mannequin head. But how this directly triggers the fisherman’s appearance is beyond me.

It must be for safety measures. If Ib and Mary had the umbrella before the appearance of the hole, the room would rain. There could be three outcomes of this. An unrealistic water-filled rose vase, which was filled somehow by the raining from the floor above despite having no holes. I mean, Garry did mention that weird things happen, so maybe it could be passed as that. The second outcome is the forever trap. The vase will never fill up and Garry will never be able to keep going. Therefore, the player can’t proceed. And lastly, is the multiple rain switch. Talking to the painting with the umbrella will cause the room to be immersed in rain.

Another thing I found during my second failed playthrough (failed as I encountered a somewhat bug, or maybe it’s just me) was the sudden disappearance of the right door (right of the maze) right after getting Garry. I might have missed something, but as soon as I did the snake’s request for the red ball, the door that allowed me to get the wedding ring had disappeared. It’s weird, but I don’t know what I did wrong on that playthrough.


Sorry if the size isn’t big. I pressed PrtSc (Print Screen) during full screen. As soon as I pasted it on paint, the size was like this already.


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