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Day 8 – Playing Ib 1.05

More like finishing. But despite playing till the ending, I found nothing much has changed. Someone even told me that there were two new endings to the game. I didn’t know this till I finished the game last night however.

Memory’s Crannies:

Oh well. I got two endings, none of the bad ones though. The first one was Memory’s Crannies. Well, this was the only screenshot I got from my Memory’s Crannies playthrough. Well, you see it on all routes though. I got this ending first because I forgot to talk to Garry during the sun spot of the Sketckbook (Episode 4). More like I didn’t know I had to though. It was a nice ending though, but left me sad that Ib and Garry didn’t recognize each other in the gallery. That’s what you get for a neutral-good ending I suppose.










Promise of Reunion:

I believe this was the true / best ending. I don’t know if the new endings are any better, but as far as I know, this is the best. I like this one because it’s pretty much Memory’s Crannies, except once at the gallery, Garry remembers his adventure with Ib. This ending left me with a smile at the end, knowing both survived and remembered the horrific events within the Guertena exhibit.

IbEnding2 IbEnding3 IbEnding4  IbEnding5

Lastly, I still have yet to see an ending where Mary survives as well. I kind of liked her, despite her killing-intent. I kind of doubt there would be an ending like that though, but I can hope at least.


2 thoughts on “Day 8 – Playing Ib 1.05

  1. There’s an ending for Mary.
    Two, actually. The new ones.
    You have to do everything to make sure you get – bond points with Garry, and depending on which ending you’d like you have to either bond or get disliked with Mary. It also depends on which answer you give after you (and this is important) FAIL with Garry in the doll room.

    • I only knew the first one, from the original endings! I guess I should look into the second one. And I have never failed with Garry in the doll room, this is probably something I should do 😀 Thanks for the heads up~

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