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~Promise of Reunion~

Day 12 – Mad Father Summary Part 3

Mad Father Summary – Part 3:

Picking up the pendant, Aya had suddenly remembered the woman from her mom’s room. Whilst the woman in that room was looking for a child, the child of the archive room was looking for her mother. Coincidental it might be, but she made her way back to her mother’s room.


The child had dropped the pendant, so maybe the pendant could be used for calling back the mother from the patch of blood? So that would mean the pendant had actually belonged to the child, which might have been given to her by her mother. Or it may have been the mother’s pendant. Aya took a glance at the pendant, and as she did, it suddenly brought the mourning mother back with the child.


Aya finds that it was in fact the child’s parent, as the two recognized each other.  The woman had even said the child’s name, “Collina”. Seemingly disrupting their reunion by being in between the two, Aya moves aside. The child then rushed to her mother and gave her a hug.

ScreenShot_2013_0516_16_25_29 ScreenShot_2013_0516_16_25_40

The two were thankful to have met again and left a token of appreciation for Aya. It was another gem. She still didn’t know what the gem was for, but it couldn’t hurt to take it with her. Besides maybe weight problems, but it would look that it didn’t weigh much at all.

After resolving that, Aya goes back to the left hall of the second floor once more. Seeing as she only looked inside the archives room, it would be obvious she missed a lot of things. As she remembered finding a hidden passage as a child, she “hugged” the walls as she moved along.

ScreenShot_2013_0516_16_24_29 ScreenShot_2013_0516_16_24_23

It led her to a dark room, but near the end was a shiny object. So she made her way there to find out it was gem. She picked it up and returned to the hallway of the left again. Once there, Aya made her way towards the end of the hall, which was the doll’s room. It was an odd room, hosting 28 very realistic dolls.


As she entered, she noticed the same shiny object as she did in the dark room. So naturally, she went ahead and picked it up. Noticing some bulging object behind the curtains, Aya pulls the curtains aside to find two red dolls. She didn’t remember what the two dolls could mean, being put behind the curtains like that though. Until she remembered the code note she picked up within her father’s book.


With that note, the third hint, which is the number of red dolls in the doll room, is solved with the number 8. With that, so far the code becomes – – 8 -. Aya had gotten the third code, so she needed to find the other three. Not knowing what else to do, Aya decided to find the code. She made her way down to the first floor, to find the two zombies lurking around there. Frightened as they seemed hostile, she ran to the nearest door which happened to be the left side door. In there, she ran to the first room she could find, which was the reception room.

ScreenShot_2013_0516_16_26_35 ScreenShot_2013_0516_16_26_37

Thinking she should be armed with something, Aya remembered the cutting knife from the top of the drawer. However, it was too high for her, so she decided to move a chair near the drawer so she can reach for the top. Luckily, the cutting knife was there, she took this knife. As she passed, she could spy a small book with a bookmark sticking out of the small book shelf beside the drawer.


It read about “Good Luck Charms”. Aya remembered her mother telling her about this. She even remembered the time when her mother kissed her in the forehead, telling her it was a sign of good luck. So that’s where she found out about the good luck charm. Having understood about “Good Luck Charms” Aya decides to make a move on, but as she passed the big painting near the drawer, she noticed movement.


Aya had remembered there was a path from this painting to the backyard of the mansion. But before that, she took some time to look at the beauty of the painting in front of her. Suddenly, sensing the same movement that happened before, what seemed to be a monster from the book her father was reading popped out of the painting.


As she struggled to break free, the monster kept trying to bite her. As Aya’s consciousness started to fade, the monster’s strength did not, so she kept fighting and eventually broke free. She ran to the nearest door, which happened to be outside the reception room. Aya brushed the event off and didn’t think about it, as it just took her by surprise. I mean, it would seem odd if she was heavily scared by it wouldn’t it? Being the daughter of a mad scientist after all.


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