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Day 2 – Mad Father Summary Part 1

Mad Father Summary – Part 1:

One night in the Drevis Mansion in Northern Germany, Aya, daughter of Alfred Dravis, goes to the laboratory of her father. It wasn’t any night however, it was the night her mother passed away.


She was quite scared that night and asked if her father could help. Her father told her that her passed mother is always with her, no matter what happens, so she should rest easy. As soon as she moves away from the door, she hears what seemed to be a chainsaw. Aya knew what her father was, but feigned ignorance at what he did, because she loved him.

Mad Father Screenshot 2

She tried to sleep, but couldn’t sleep. This was because she thought of her mother, when she did that, she couldn’t sleep. So she got up and takes notice of a doll that was lying near the window at the end of the room.

ScreenShot_2013_0516_16_14_43 ScreenShot_2013_0516_16_14_50

The doll brought back a flashback of a few years ago, when she first got the doll from her father. She’s overjoyed and notices it’s almost like it’s real. Not knowing about dolls from the outside world, or only knowing them from books, she wholeheartedly accepts the gift and doesn’t question it. It could also be due to the fact that she loves her father so much that she’ll accept anything that’s from him. A childish trait, if I may.

After seeing the flashback, she moves to the portrait of her mother right next to it. She talks about the relationship of Maria and her father. How if things keep going the way it’s going, she might be Aya’s knew mom. However, she didn’t want this and said that Monika Drevis is her only mother.

Next to it, were two drawers, looking inside, she noticed there was a small dead bird in one and a small dead rat in the other. Seeming unfazed by this, she moves on too look at the bookshelves right next to her favorite teddy bear.


She looked a book in the second shelf and the name was “The Red-Eyed Stranger”. It was an odd book, and would seem that it would not be the kind of book children would be reading. As she opened it, some sort of rock fell out. It was a gem. She didn’t know what good it would do, but she kept it for safety reasons. Looking around the room for something else, she spots her pet rabbit, Snowball. After trying to make contact with Snowball, she heard a sound. The sound made her want to go to sleep, but later was woken up by a scream that seemed like it came from her father.


Aya then decides to take a look outside her room to see what happened, but a few monsters blocked her path. Scared, she made her way to the way to the attic to find a young man with blonde hair. She approached him for safety, but the moment he turned, the right side of his face frightened her.


So she made her way to her bedroom. Once there, she meets a salesman that went by the name of “Ogre”. He told Aya about a curse that was taking place within the mansion. The curse was about the revenge of her passed away mother. He said that they (being the ghosts that died because of her father) wouldn’t be laid to rest if she doesn’t kill Aya’s father.


After hearing his story, Aya steels herself to step out of her room once more to save the person who screamed. Remembering something inside the room, (namely, her pet rabbit snowball) she goes back inside. When she got inside, she noticed the man that went by the name Ogre had disappeared. It was weird, but she kept a level head and went ahead to pick up Snowball.

My Notes: I added my screenshots. I have finished the game. These screenshots are from my second playthrough, which I’m doing currently. I also added a slight narrative input to the summary, but that I couldn’t avoid. I also kind of switched the events around.


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