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Day 3 – Mad Father Summary Part 2

Mad Father Summary – Part 2:

Snowball was in the same place he always was, nestled upon what seems to be leaves. Aya approached the seemingly hopping Snowball, with the thought that it wanted to save Alfred Drevis as well. As she thought about this, it brought her to a flashback where Snowball had run off with a hurt leg.


Aya looked outside behind the mansion to look for the rabbit, but had no luck in doing so. Eventually, she finds Snowball coming from inside the mansion and running to her. Alfred then went to Aya and told her that he found Snowball making a mess in the kitchen. With this, she comments that Snowball had probably wanted to taste Maria’s cooking.

ScreenShot_2013_0516_16_20_30 ScreenShot_2013_0516_16_20_49

Aya also notices that the hurt rabbit is now healed and her father had said it was him who healed it. Knowing her father, who was a mad scientist in nature, some dark secret may be hidden to what he had done to Snowball. But for now however, we can assume he did it for his daughter’s love.

After the flashback, Aya takes Snowball and moves out of her room to investigate. Thinking something might be in the room next door (which is Monika’s room) she decides that is to be the first place to look for something. Near the window, she sees a woman facing the other way. Approaching it, the woman slowly faces Aya, screaming, “GIVE!! GIVE HER BACK!!”


Startled and frightened by her, Aya rushes back outside. Although, knowing that she has to check the room (after all, it’s her mother’s room and she might miss a few things if she ignores the room) she goes back inside. Surprisingly, just like Ogre from her room, the woman also disappears. Left in her place is a patch of blood and the… key to the Archives room. How she had it is a mystery.


Since this is her mother’s room and it’s the night she passed away, Aya decides to linger around for a bit longer within the room. While looking around, she finds a fallen diary, which presumably belongs to her mother, that being in her room.


It shows the date and what happened during that day. As this was Monika’s room, it is to be assumed that “I” represented her mother (Monika) and “father” represented Alfred. As said in the diary entry, her mother caught a rat which brought her daughter to delight. What happened to the rat can be speculated to be the dead rat found in one of the drawers of Aya’s room. Is her mother actually encouraging her to become more like her “Mad Father”?

After reading this diary entry, Aya once again proceeds to lurk around the Drevis Mansion looking for clues. As she obtained the Archives Room Key, it would be logical that that place be the next stop. When she arrived in the room, a few books were in the floor and small figure was there. And one particular book was in the shelves, a book that would be of interest to her father.


Aya opens the book to a page which told in detail what seemed to be the “preservation of bodies.” Aya found a note in that page which told her some type of code. She had heard about these type of codes.

As she tried to exit, a figure though was blocking the path, in a voice that mimicked moaning saying, “Mama…”


Aya was then put into a vision of a certain part of the figure’s memory. The time when the girl was experimented by Aya’s father. Maria had ensured the small girl would be brought to her mother once the experiment was done. But that would not be the case, unless her mother had died before already. As soon as the vision ended, Aya, frightened, shoves the figure to the floor and decides to make a move on. On her way out, she sees a note which might have come from her beloved father.


It says that through the passage of time the beauty of humans fades. That is the law of this world. Her father found a way to preserve the beauty of them forever. This is through the usage of dolls. It may not seem so obvious at first, but the dolls in this house are incredibly detailed, to the point that they almost seem real. Aya then puts the note back in the shelves. Near the note however, she notices a book that her mother had read to her.

ScreenShot_2013_0516_16_23_46 ScreenShot_2013_0516_16_23_52

It was about a girl who went looking for her parents. The girl burned everything in her path, but in the end, never found her parents. It reminded Aya of the situation she was in, that if she loses her father, she’ll become alone as well. So she closes the book and makes a move on.

Remembering that Ogre and the Woman had left something for her to go on, Aya returns to the archives room to check. Luckily, she found something, the girl had dropped some sort of pendant.


My Notes: So far so good, I don’t know how long it will take though.


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