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Day 84 – Mad Father Summary Part 4

Mad Father Summary – Part 4:

Remembering the path to the backyard, Aya decided to go back to the reception room to go back to the painting.


At that point, she moved the painting aside, in which it revealed a path to the backyard of the Drevis Mansion. She didn’t find anything of importance there though, so she trekked back to the west hallway. This time, Aya took the door near the west wall of the hallway. It was the washroom, shower room, bathroom or whatever you want to call it.


In there was a small box to the right of Aya and a blood-filled bath tub. Aya looked at the box and noticed that she could use the cutting knife she found from the drawer. In the small box was a lighter, an empty one though. It can’t burn anything in this state, some sort of fuel is needed. After that, Aya looked around the room. The door right in front of the door to the west room was the toilet room. But Aya knew nothing good could come from it, so she refrained from going inside.


In the corner of the room, Aya spotted some sort of twinkling object. Odd, given how dark the house is. She went closer and noticed it was the key to the cafeteria. At this time as well, an odd blood-covered ‘thing’ jumped out of the blood-filled bath tub. She kept the key just in case the cafeteria doors weren’t open. As soon as she made for the door to the hallway, the ‘thing’ started to chase her. Aya was already close to the exit, so she just made a brief dash.


Upon exiting the bathroom, Aya found a doll moving for the entrance hallway. From where, however… could be left to speculation. It could be from the pots to the left, it could be from a window from the left, a secret passage from the left, or even be from the toilet room from the bathroom. The last one may be a bit of a stretch, but it’s possible, given the fact that the place was dark in the first place. Never mind that however, as Aya spied the doll moving, she thought to herself, “Why was that doll moving?” Why exactly? Of course, the young lady has to keep going to find out. Aya made for the entrance hallway once more, as she was finished investigating the left. As she exited the left hallway, she saw something that resembled a rock.


This, she presumed to be another gem. However, two figures were near it, and seemed extremely hostile. So she lured them to the second floor to trap them as she picked up the shiny rock. Next up on the list of exploration was the right hallway. In it was a locked door and seven barrels, with a crow on top of one. There was only one place to check here, and that was the way to the cellar.


As she entered, she noticed the presence and smell of something unpleasant. She could even hear moans. This scared her, so she left the room to find something that could defend her from something potentially dangerous.


Aya then back-tracked to her mother’s room, hoping to find something that could give her another clue, besides the books scattered and the child’s mother. She remembered about the safe. It could give her a lead if there was something important there. It is, from her mother after all.


Unfortunately, Aya didn’t know about the safe’s code. Though she thought about the number of inputs, which was 4, and compared it to a note she previously got. It seemed to have a correlation and thus, she embarked on her quest to count these.


After gathering the bits of information, she found out the code was 7482. 7 barrels, 4 chandeliers, 8 red dolls and 2 paintings. But it makes you wonder though, why is there a code memo and why is the password like this? Is it so the people at the household won’t forget, since her mother’s dead already?


In the safe, Aya found an item of interest. This was her mother’s perfume. The perfume was given to her mother by her father. Aya thought that her mother had thrown this away, but it certainly does not seem like the case.


After taking a sniff at the perfume, Aya remembers the time when her mother threw a fit. This made her through the perfume outside. In this flashback, Aya was trying to check up on her father. Her mother however caught her and told her to go back.


She found out about the secret affair the maid and the father were having and threw a fit because of it. When she got back to her room, she threw the perfume the father gave to her. Though she kept it in the end. It’s a surprise to see that it didn’t break after that impact. You’d think it’d be encased in glass.


After remembering the flashback, Aya put the perfume back in the safe. She also reaffirms the fact that her mother loved her father even until the very end, despite that event. Could the root of all the problems be the cause of her father, or maybe her mother?


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