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Paranoiac Pages

Below are the links of my experience with the game “Paranoiac”:

“A girl who goes by the name Miki goes to her aunts house to recuperate from her job as a writer. She’s been sent there by her mother as her aunt and her have a lot in common, mainly, their depression. In the house at night, she sees this zombie-like figure that chases her. She tries to consult her neighbor, but he sees nothing. Maybe it’s just a case of Paranoia of the place?”


My Experience:

Day 17 – Paranoiac Part 1

The Walkthrough:

Day 20 – Paranoiac Part 2, Walkthrough (Day and Night 1)

Day 21 – Paranoiac Part 3, Walkthrough (Day and Night 2)

Day 22 – Paranoiac Part 4, Walkthrough (Day and Night 3)

Day 25 – Paranoiac Part 5, Walkthrough (Day and Night 4)

Day 29 – Paranoiac Part 6, Walkthrough (Final Day and Night)


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