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Day 17 – Paranoiac, Part 1

Recently, I just picked a game made by the same person who made “The Crooked Man”. This game was made before “The Crooked Man”, and they have several elements that are similar. Or that may just be because they are using the Wolf RPG Editor engine.


And so we start! If you ask me, the game’s title screen was one of the most disturbing things I have ever seen through out the game. If the Start-up was to warn me of anything, it would have to be the title screen. The screen fits the game though. The figure is probably referring to Miki’s dead aunt and that thing probably resembles a brain. Paranoia!


The interface is the same as “The Crooked Man” with a few changes. Except none of the items are actually used through the item menu throughout the game, so it’s fine if the player never actually bothers to open it (I never did). Diary is weird because her aunt also had one, from the time of her (aunt’s) happiness to the end. Anyway, it saves, which is obvious. The title… it’s self-explanatory.

If I were to give it a summary, it would be a girl who took on a few traits similar to her aunt (that being depression), and was exiled (not really exiled, but just forced) to her aunt’s house by her mother. Miki just says it’s recuperation for being stressed as a writer, but she knows it isn’t. Throughout the days she stays there, Miki encounters a strange human-like, more like a zombie, figure. This chases her when it’s night time and she has to find a place to hide from it. One out of three places are safe, and the other two are not (it leads to your death).


She tries to consult other people, but they won’t believe her, saying it’s just Paranoia for the events that had happened within the house. That explains the title.


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