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Day 20 – Paranoiac Part 2, Walkthrough (Day and Night 1)

And here starts the walkthrough for the game “Paranoiac”. It’s relatively simple, but the only things really needed to avoid are getting trapped and being found out by the figure at night.


Day 1:

  • You should look around the house, and find any places that might be a good place to hide at night. (This is to stay alive for the next day). To proceed, just go to an open bedroom in the second floor. (The moment you enter the second floor, use the left door)
  • A phone should ring, go downstairs to the dining room. (The dining room is right from the first floor then the upper-right door)
  • After the phone call, you should go to the bathroom located in the right door in the center of the first floor. In here Miki will take a shower.
  • Try to go upstairs, you’ll stop and hear a sound. This is the coat rack near the entrance, it has been knocked over. Examine it and you’ll pick up a key.
  • After this, go back to the bedroom to sleep. Day 1 is over.

Night 1:

  • Miki will wake up during the night and say that she forgot to take her medicine. At this point, you should go to the room left of the dining room (Right hall of the first floor, upper-left room). Go to the sink to get some water. Instead of water, you’ll get a bunch of hair strands coming out.

ScreenShot_2013_0601_16_07_22 ScreenShot_2013_0601_16_07_30

  • She’ll back off from the sink. The next place to go to would be the second floor. As you try to head to the west, the right door of the center hall of the second floor will open. Go here and examine the place (only the stain in the floor and the note in the far right bookshelf is required to be examined.)
  • Go back to your room, before you go to the door, you’ll encounter some zombie looking figure.


  • This is called the flee game, where you run away from the zombie and hide in a place for the night. One out of three places are safe hiding places, the other two will get the player killed. In night one, the hiding place is The right-side Cabinet / Dresser in the bathroom of the first floor.

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