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Day 22 – Paranoiac Part 4, Walkthrough (Day and Night 3)

Personally, I liked the previous day better because of that little probably overlooked bug. That made the storyline seem kind of messed up, in a good way.


Day 3:

  • Go to the right hall of the second floor and open the lower-right door. Check the left-side of the right-most bookshelf facing down. There’s a note.
  • Go to the dressing room (if you forgot, it’s in the second floor west-hall, lower-left door) and check the middle dress (it’s the pink one). You’ll get a key.
  • You can use this key for the room with a piano in it, located at the first floor west-hall, lower door. Go to the piano, however tempting it is not to play it (usually it’s these things that give the player an instant-death), play it to get a key.


  • Go back to the entrance and answer the door. As usual, it’s your friendly neighborhood Shinji Miura.

Night 3:

  • Head to the second-floor right-hall. When you go here, the piano should start playing.
  • Go to the piano room and check the piano. You’ll find out it’s still the ominous piano it should be.

ScreenShot_2013_0601_19_57_38 ScreenShot_2013_0601_19_57_44

  • Flee time. This time, go to the dresser in the lower-left of the uncle’s room, located in the second-floor right-hall, lower-right door.


Congratulations. Welcome to Day 4, the only “Day” when you can die. Anyway, this day is the only day that I actually died in. For some reason I kept going to the lower-left door. Even in my correct play through I still had to circle the lower-left room to get to the lower-right room. If you don’t know what I’m saying, don’t mind it.


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