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Day 25 – Paranoiac Part 5, Walkthrough (Day and Night 4)

And so, the fourth day in the house begins. Last night we had the ‘thing’ chase Miki from the piano room to the uncle’s room. This is the only day where you are actually chased by the ‘thing’ in the midst of the day.

Day 4:

  • Go to the phone to ask if you can go home to Mom. (It’s in the dining room, first floor right hall, upper-right door.)
  • After being rejected, go to the Nursery room which is located at the second floor left hall, lower-right door. Check the trash bin in this room for a note.
  • Go back to the Uncle’s Room (located at second floor right hall, lower-right door.) Check the lamp to turn it on, then turn off the lights within the room. Go back to the lamp while it’s on to get a key.



  • Proceed to the bedroom which is located at the west hall of the second floor, upper-right door. Go to the left lamp for a note.


  • Go back to the garden (the right exit of the first floor) and go to the well for a key.


  • You’ll fall in the well. When you fall, check the upper-right wall of the well. (Go up as much as you can and then start moving right.) You’ll make a hole, enter it.


  • In here, the ‘thing’ will start chasing you. Don’t worry, it’s slower than you, so if you make sure to keep going and not stop, you’ll make it out alive.
  • You’ll go back to where you started and Shinji will then lower a rope to pull you back to the surface. You’ll be in his house for the time being as he checks the so-called ‘haunted house’ you currently live in.



  • Look around the house. (The other Shinji on the couch is a bug. Don’t mind it.) Try to sleep.

Night 4:

  • Next time you wake up, you’re in your house, at night time. Go out and try to go to the entrance.
  • The ‘thing’ will start chasing you. The correct hiding place this time is the small closet on the right side of the first floor traditional Japanese room. (This is located in the first floor, right hall. The lower door.)

Congratulations, one day left till the finale! Oh yeah, sorry if I didn’t have any screenshots for the 4th night. I checked my Paranoiac folder and found out I didn’t take any at the time of writing this.



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