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Day 29 – Paranoiac Part 6, Walkthrough (Final Day and Night)

After… 4 days? I finally finish this walkthrough up. The pause was due to the 4th and 5th floor walkthrough I did for Nira Oni. I can’t really proceed further with that walkthrough before getting the “Takeshi Doll” though. So while I try to find it, I’ll do this for today.


“Is this the only ending?”

Welcome to the final day! It is here we decide to put an end to the massive paranoia Miki had been experiencing! Is it really paranoia or is it real? We shall find out today. (I don’t have any screenshots until the final parts of this day)

Day 5:

Part 1:

  • Proceed to the basement and open it. Keep going and you’ll find out that it’s too dark to proceed.
  • Go to the second floor, if you check the dresser outside the bathroom, you’ll find a flashlight.
  • Go back and you can finally go to the basement.
  • In here, check the upper-right corner for a code. This code will be used for your aunt’s computer. (If you already inputted the password in Day 2, skip to Part 3)
  • Go to your aunt’s room located at the second floor right hall, lower-left door. Go to the computer and input the password 2436 and then you’ll find only one file.
  • Go to the door and answer it.


“Like he’ll ever see it.”

Part 2:

  • Go to the phone in the dining room located in the right hall of the first floor upper-right door.


“Yes, we all know your hysteria has broken out. Calm down Mom.”

  • Go to the library-looking room or the study which is the right door in the second floor as soon as you go to it. Watch the event and then you’ll just find out it wasn’t real.

Part 3:


“The truth unfolds…”

  • Like Part 2, just proceed to the Study room. In here you’ll find a hanged-person, you find out how your aunt had died.


  • The final flee scene happens here. Run all the way to the basement. (If you had short-term memory loss, it’s behind the stairs to the second floor).
  • Watch the events and enjoy the ending!


“Thanks for remembering, Miki.”

And with this, I’ve finished this walkthrough! I’ve been forgetting a few details in the walkthrough because I haven’t played it in a while, but I’m still happy I finished it!


I don’t really know if there’s another ending besides the Good End. If there is (besides getting found by your aunt in the hiding places or dying), I have no idea how to achieve it.


8 thoughts on “Day 29 – Paranoiac Part 6, Walkthrough (Final Day and Night)

  1. You have to choose the “It’s a monster” option for the good ending. “It’s a delusion” for the bad ending.

    • I only did the good ending, so I’m not sure about the specifics on the bad ending. I just assumed that the bad ending are the endings where you get found out by your aunt. I don’t really remember much about the choices, as I only played this around 20 days ago.

      Can you tell me where this happens? I can check it out myself if I have to.

  2. the code is supposed to be 2436 I think….

  3. I’d choiced the delusion option when the neighbor asked me. The girl come out crazy and when she see her killed aunt, only repeats herself “dont worry… its only a delusion…”; then get killed. That’s the bad ending.

  4. I just finished the game, in Japanese. I used my little knowing of nihongo, AGTH and your tutorial . Is the first VN that I finish. Thank you very much for tutorial. Cheers from Brazil.

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