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Day 24 – Reap and Sow Demo (June 5th) Walkthrough

I don’t know why, but something compelled me to take notes on the demo. So thinking I could use it somewhere, I decided to post it here. It’s a small nice game so far. With graphics that reminded me of Miserere and somewhat disturbing character sprites. I do hope it will expand to a more horror-like and challenging game however.



Here we are at the title screen. Before it is a small scene featuring the character the player plays. Out of most of the RPG Maker (or the variants, such as Wolf) this is one of the only ones with an actually intro movie. I thought it went directly to the game at first though. It’s a fairly simple game, so it doesn’t really need a walkthrough…

Intro: (Right after pressing NEW)

  • Pick up the hoe from the bottom-left part of the map.
  • Dig and plant the seeds in the open (brown) land.
  • Get the Water Can from the same place as the hoe and fill it up with the square patches near the plant-able areas.
  • Water the seeds you just planted.
  • End the day by going to the hut at the upper-left corner or keep digging with the hoe till you get tired.

Mornings: (What to do during the day after sleeping) 

  • Just water your plants and watch them grow. If you do a lot of actions in one day, you’ll grow tired and will retire.
  • Pick up these plants when they’re fully grown, you’ll know when you can pick them up instead of water them.
  • Sell them to Boldemero who is upper-left corner near your hut. He’ll tell you to drop them at the bin. This is located at the small hut below your home.
  • Make a profit by selling and buying seeds. (More information on each plant near the end of the page, just scroll down)
  • End the day to go to the Dreamworld.

Dreamworld 1, as I see it:

Dreamworld 1

  • Go in the only door you see.
  • Monsters can hurt you (by that I mean, they’ll wake you up), so avoid them. (Anything that moves or looks remotely hostile, avoid)
  • Go explore, if you go to the upper-left corner (go to 2a), the lower-left corner (go to 2b) or the hole in the lower-right corner (go to 2c), it’ll wake you up. Once you sleep again, you’ll be in a different area.

Dreamworld 2a, as I see it: (Through the upper-right corner door)

Dreamworld 2a

  • Go past the monster (he only goes up and down, so he’s fairly easy to dodge.)
  • Go to the bottom door and wake up.

Dreamworld 2b, as I see it: (Through the lower-left corner stairs)

Dreamworld 2b

  • At the bottom-left corner below the statue is 5 gold.
  • At the upper-right corner, next to the monster is 5 gold. The monster will only attack anything near its front sight. Do not go through it’s field of vision. (I think it’s like 5 tiles only?)
  • At the bottom-right corner next to another monster is 5 gold. Hug the bottom wall to dodge it and pick the gold up.
  • Go back from where you came. There’s no door to another area in here.

Dreamworld 2c, as I see it: (Through the hole in the lower-right corner)

Dreamworld 2c

  • There is nothing to note here.
  • Just proceed through the door at the upper-right corner.

Dreamworld 3a, as I see it:

Dreamworld 3a

  • Go to the bottom-right corner, there’s 5 gold.
  • Go to the right door and wake up.

Dreamworld 3c, as I see it:

Dreamworld 3c

  • There’s nothing to note here either. The TVs look like something’s going to happen though.
  • Go through the upper-right door and wake up.

Dreamworld 4a, as I see it:

Dreamworld 4a

  • Go to the bottom-right corner, there’s 5 gold, again. The spider moves side-to-side, so just go below or above it.
  • Go to the upper-right door and wake up.

Dreamworld 4c, as I see it:

Dreamworld 4c

  • Go to the right of the map and pick up the 5 gold. It’s obvious and near the pipe blocked by a window.
  • Go to the bottom door.

Dreamworld 5a, as I see it:

Dreamworld 5a - The most freakiest doll ever

  • Go to the upper-right corner, next to the most creepiest doll ever, is 5 gold.
  • Go to the bottom-middle and go through the door.

Dreamworld 5c, as I see it:

Dreamworld 5c

  • At the upper-right corner in the opening of the ventilation shaft is 5 gold.
  • The seemingly vine structure right above the bath tub seems to lead somewhere, but as of this demo, nothing.
  • Go back as there is nothing else here, besides potential next areas.

Dreamworld 6a, as I see it:

Dreamworld 6a

  • Next to the huge doll are two, 5 golds.
  • If you talk to the doll, it will attack you and you’ll wake up.
  • It will warp you back to Dreamworld 1.

Demo Ending:

  • To the right of where you buy a seeds is a small statue. Talk to it and buy it for 1000 Gold.
  • View it to see what will happen to the game.

Congratulations! You have fully finished the “Reap and Sow” Demo game!

Miscellaneous Information:

Plant Information:

  • Potatoes – Buy: 200, Sell: 250
  • Pansies – Buy: 150, Sell: 180
  • Carrots – Buy: 250, Sell: 320

Known Bugs:

  • When you get tired and immediately you press the ‘z’ or action button (the same may happen if you press ‘x’ or the menu button, but I haven’t confirmed this), you’ll open the menu for seeds. This will make your screen black. The only way to get out is (through in-game methods) to press ‘x’ or the menu button and exit to the menu.
  • Not really a bug, but once you buy the item to view the ending the screen will turn black. It will then be black for the rest of the game. You can interact with everything, but you can’t see anything. Same thing as the above bug.

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