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Day 18 – Re:Kinder Part 1

When I heard of the title, I had no idea what to expect. Especially with that “Re” in front, I had a feeling it was a remake or something like that. I was right. Researching more about it, I found out it was a survival horror. Seeing as I loved horror, I picked it up to see its story.

Re - Kinder

I’m quite surprised however, the interface of the game is as if it didn’t have much scripting done, compared to all the other horror RPG games I had played. I don’t mind this though, as I care mostly about the story of the game. I like how in the game, the player can sprint really fast. I love the feeling of the fresh air breeze.

Re - Kinder6

To start off, you play as a 3rd grader boy who goes by the name “Shunsuke”. He goes off to visit his grandparents. The moment he returned, the area had a weird atmosphere and nobody seemed to be there. Immediately, he goes to check his house. He didn’t see anyone there, and after a few seconds, some body came hanging down from the ceiling. This is assumed to be his mother. Frightened, he goes out and sees a zombie “Mami” (his high-school friend). Confused, he just kept receiving blows from her. His friend “Ryou” came to his rescue and brought him to the secret hideout.

Re - Kinder5

(This is a picture of the hideout before the incident. I didn’t take a screenshot of the hideout after it.) Ryou and the other survivors explain the situation and they all decide to go out once more to have a phone call to people they know. Whether this was a smart idea, is beyond their knowledge.

Notes: I’m currently at the Elevator event while writing this. I hope to finish soon though.


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