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Day 19 – Re:Kinder, Elevators Part 2

Today, I shall share with you the most annoying part of the game. This is the Elevator password challenge.

The Outcomes:

  • Win – Rei lives.
  • Lose – Rei dies.

Obviously, Rei should live for the good ending. Even though I had checked every room and saw all the password hints, I still didn’t get what to do with the information. So I failed quite a number of times doing this. And thus, I called this annoying. Well, not only that. There’s an event directly before it, meaning that you have to keep viewing the event to get another try. Wastes a good amount of time.

Here’s what happened before this event. Rei had gotten infuriated by Hiroto’s ‘harshness’ (as he claimed to be) and ran off to take a break. In her state, she didn’t care if the elevator would be rigged in anyway, so she took it and had gotten stuck through a trap set by Yuuichi. Hiroto and Shunsuke split up in the first floor to start looking for Rei. Shunsuke finds Rei in the first floor elevator stuck, and needs to get out. Yuuichi appears in the third floor and tells Shunsuke that the passwords he had just seen gives him the ability to save her.

Re - Kinder12My notes while trying to figure out the password:

1st: @ -> F
2nd: # -> C
3rd: ! -> B

The hints are found in the 2nd, 4th and 6th floor in the order above.

==Password Hints==
Hint 1: “Figuring out the numbers is as easy as ABC, 123.”
Hint 2: “When in doubt, look down for an answer.”

==Obvious Knowledge==
Hint 3: “There are only six floors.”

Hint Notes: (My personal notes)

  • Hint 2 must be referring to the keyboard. That would mean looking up the number for @,# and ! right?
  • Hint 1 might be referring to the transformation of the letters into integers? F = 6 or something like that?
  • Even then, what do 2 -> 6, 3 -> 3 and 1 -> 2 have in common? 401? Not possible.
  • Hint 3: There are only six floors, therefore only numbers 1 – 6 will be used.
  • Is it 2F, 3C and 1B? If it’s like that, then what do they have that can be inputted as an integer?


  • @, # and ! refer to the order.
  • F, C and B refer to the number needed to enter.

Therefore, the answer is… 263.

List of numbers I tried:

263 <== Final Answer

Re - Kinder13

The picture above is when the correct answer has been inputted. One thing the game will not tell you, is if you got the numbers correctly and / or in the correct order. So if you entered 2 on the first try, the elevator will still go up. If you mess up in the first two, they will not tell you. Either get all correct or die, is basically what it is.


4 thoughts on “Day 19 – Re:Kinder, Elevators Part 2

  1. Thanks a lot ! I was aware of the @#! things but I don’t have a clue of it . This kind of games is better to write out so we can configure the answer~

  2. I accidentally saved in my main slot when Rei had already died. Now I got to do the game again for the good ending? Nah, not worth going through it all again…

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