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Day 10 & 11 – The Crooked Man and Palette

Ah, yesterday… I had no internet, so I couldn’t update anything. I apologize for that. So I’ll upload for two days today.

To start off, I had downloaded two new games, with the names… The Crooked Man and Palette.

The Crooked Man:

The Crooked Man, from what I have played so far, seems to be about a man that goes by the name, David Hoover. He moves to a new apartment with the help of his friends and finds out that there was something odd. Things moved, writing appeared out of nowhere, notes are scattered… A lot of things. He jokingly blamed it on a poltergeist, but he probably knew it was something more than that. That’s when he got this note which told him to go to a hotel. And that’s how The Crooked Man started. It was a man whose neck seemed to be snapped, and seemed to be some sort of entity. As it couldn’t be killed through burning, falling or even knife wounds.


From my current point, I can only make a few speculations on the who the “Crooked Man” really is. First of all, I believe the Crooked Man to be the previous tenant. From there, I can assume he…

  • Wanted to go to Law School (from scene 2)
  • Dumped by somebody he cared about? Or was it he who dumped? (from scene 1)
  • A lurking entity that cannot be killed until the mystery is solved

Basing on the events of the game, it seems the previous tenant is much like David in a way, and the people he met during the game (I’m in scene 2 right now) is kind of like David himself, at least… an aspect of him. Sissi was David’s wimpy side towards Shirley and D was David’s side when he wanted to become a pilot, but never became one. And with that, I finished writing my current thoughts about the game’s story. It’s a great game. It’s actually been a while since I got a good scare from a game.


It’s not really a horror game (so far anyway), it’s more like a mystery investigation. You try to get someone who went by the name B.D. to remember a tragic event of her life. She can’t really last long as her head starts to hurt after a while though, which annoyed me. I got stuck at a certain point, so I couldn’t do more of the game. But it definitely is a one of a kind game, given that it was made using RPG Maker 95.


So far, I got these points: (I only have 2 shreds, I got lost on what to do next)

  • The woman, who is she exactly? Is she on B.D.’s side? Or is she one of the accomplices of the incident?
  • The Knife Shred seems to play a big role. Blood is in a lot of places, and where there is blood… there is a knife.
  • The Inherited Sin book seems quite ominous. Especially how it appeared in the Sian’s room. How did it get there? What’s in it?

I have a lot of questions, but that’s probably because I’m not that far in the game.


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