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Day 13 – Palette and the end of The Crooked Man


This game is kind of annoying, like Yume Nikki in a way but less annoying since the places aren’t that big. The events are kind of vague as they tell you about that event only, not what comes before it or after it. There are different ways to approach each event, but usually you need something from exploring to remember each piece of an event.

In my game, I’ve gotten quite far, but I think I’m missing 6 health points before being full. It’s a pain trying to find out where to go next though. I hope the end will be quite good.

The Crooked Man:

I’ve finally finished the game! I was told by my brother (he just researched the story a bit, well… more like the end only) that the ending was bittersweet. Taking that into account, I rushed through the game. Recently, I have thought this game was the most jump-scare filled game. Though that seemed to change as the 3rd scene pretty much had no jump-scares.


The ending was expected, going to the crooked man’s house. But what I didn’t expect was that Duke (the crooked man) was trying to get David to take the right path and not take the path he did. The final battle was a pain, (I think the boss had around… 40 hp) but the ending was worth it.

Right before seeing the epilogue, there was a confirmation box that asked if I wanted to skip the ending and go to the credits or watch the ending. Obviously, I’d want to watch the ending. This was probably the place that was called bittersweet by my brother. In the end, David’s mother died and he gets back with Shirley.


I knew that his mother would die through playing the game, but I was expecting like another… Crooked Man appearing. To me, the game didn’t feel that depressing. The ending was actually quite happy. Through the game, the suffering and the saving of the people didn’t make it feel so depressing. It might be just me, but that’s how I thought about the game.


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