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Day 14 – The end of Palette

I’m surprised I finished the game today. The game was really vague and the scene change animations took forever (a few seconds, but it feels like such a waste of time). Though, I couldn’t expect more from a game that was made in the year 1998. I mean, it’s a pretty well made game considering that. The background music wasn’t bad, the color and textures of the maps were pretty good, a bit repetitive though, but nevertheless, still good.

If there was one thing the say though, it would be the slow-pace of the game. The game is pretty slow, the animations take quite a while… the scene change animations also take a while… And more especially, the limit of health points. At first glance, it may not seem annoying. But once a lot of areas has been unlocked, trying to find the next area that was previously locked can take a really long time (having to keep going out and calling again and again).

The end of this game was a really good twist. To find out that the girl was just imagining the psychiatrist… I would have never expected that. The red silhouette however was obvious. Who would care for her that much? Obviously the mother. I can’t really tell if it’s a good end or a happy end, it seems quite ambiguous. All the girl says is that they should keep running. From what exactly, we don’t know.


Here’s what I got from the game:

  • Palette: The title of the book, it is also a kind of symbol for the girl’s memories. As she pieces together her memories, she paints a new story in her head with all the events. That is also why the last scene is called “Palette”, as she finally finished recollecting her memories of the event.
  • B.D.: The supposed name of the girl. It really isn’t her real name though. It’s a name given to those who are the children of criminals. The town of Zebub is supposed to help these children not become like their parents. I forgot what it stood for (I only remember disorder), but to hazard a guess, it would be… Born of Disorder.
  • Running Away: I have no idea what this means, but it would seem to be what the mother does, according to her daughter. It might be due to the medicine she made, which makes people forget. In a way, this is her version of running away, as she probably used it on her daughter.
  • Sianos B. Sian: A figment of the girl’s imagination. It might be some mechanism within the girl’s head which allowed her to trap herself by something from her imagination. Although it was also the mechanism that brought her memories back. That’s why he’s a psychiatrist that specialized in memory.
  • Memory: Why did her mother want to let her daughter regain her memory? As she said, it was because eventually, as a citizen of Zebub, one would lose their memory. Whether or not this is true is up to the player. If taken as true, it could be that her mother just wanted her daughter to regain this lost memory. If it isn’t, this could be a way for the mother to stop ‘running away’ all the time.
  • Zebub: Quite a mysterious place. Is it real? Is it not? One can’t really know, but it’s leaning towards truth. Citizen’s who sign the contract will stay here and are not to leave. The people here are actually quite scared of the outside. I remember there was an event talking about Zebub itself and what it was.

All of these speculations and of the sort are produced in my opinion. They are not fully true. I see them for how I saw the game while playing it.


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