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Day 26 – Nira Oni Part 5, Walkthrough 4th Floor

Yes, I skipped to Part 5 and went straight to the 4th floor of the walkthrough. This is because the 1st – 3rd floor (I plan to do them, but they have less priority), in the official site are already out. As the 4th and 5th floor isn’t out yet, I decided to take on the job of releasing how I did the 4th floor. By this time, I have already finished the game twice (Normal Ending and Bad Ending) and have taken notes on the 4th and 5th floor. The screenshots here are a combination of two playthroughs I had.

Nira Oni30

Welcome to the 4th floor, where everything annoying comes! It’s probably the hardest floor, especially later on when you have to run away from this giant mutant blob.

The 4th Floor: 

Nira Oni45 - Current

“What I don’t even… know what to do…”

Yes. I actually had no clue whatsoever as to what I was doing. I just wrote everything that seemed to have an impact on the events. There are two dolls you can get in this part of the game as far as I know, scroll to the bottom to find out how to get them. 

  • After reaching this floor, go right to pick up the item, “Puzzling Key”.

Nira Oni33

  • Proceed to the Foyer, which is the only open door right now.
  • Immediately once you enter, you’ll see Takeshi dash towards the right (there’s nothing there apparently.) Go to the nearest door to take a look at the message beside it. (It says: ONLY ONE LEVER WORKS). An oni from the nearest closet will come out and start chasing you with a 6 second timer.

Nira Oni35 - Answers

  • After getting rid of him, go to the middle area door in the foyer (the left door that isn’t near the entrance). The “Puzzling Key” is used here.
  • In this room, if you read the message, only one lever works. They are initially all off. So just go to the top lever and swing it to make it look like the picture below.

Nira Oni38 - Lever Room

  • After doing this, go back to the room where the message was and you can finally enter. In here, you’ll meet up with Takuro and Takeshi. You’ll see Takeshi run off and then you’ll have to go look for him.

Nira Oni37

  • Go back to the main entrance of the 4th floor and on one of the tables you’ll see an “Oblong Key”. (If you don’t see it, go to the middle par of the Foyer and go right, there’s a dead end and the light will flicker. The key will then appear.)
  • Go to the door to the right and unlock it.

Nira Oni41

  • This room is poorly lit and Hiroshi will not go on until he can see better. In this puzzle, the numbers right beside the door are the coordinates where the patch of light will light up. (From the top-left corner. The first number, the higher it gets, the more it moves left. Where as the second number, the higher it gets, the patch moves lower.)
  • If you need more clues, once you enter the room, you’ll see a small spark. You have to make the small patch of light go to the spark. (The answer is 06-02)
  • Once properly lit, go near the closet at the top (go 4 steps in any direction, preferably go to 4 steps right and 4 steps down from the closet.) An oni will start chasing you with a regular timer. If you have not picked up “Hydrogen Peroxide” from the fourth floor, do not go out. Circle around the room to lower the oni timer and then go upstairs to the 4th floor east study.

Nira Oni46

  • As shown above, go to the right cupboard next to the right bookshelf and pick up “Poison (4)” (This is used to kill roaches and can only be picked up if you don’t have the “Hydrogen Peroxide”.)
  • Go back downstairs and out the door. You’ll find the door locked.

Nira Oni44 - Locked

  • Go to the top room in the foyer and enter it.
  • After a few steps, a huge mutant blob oni will start chasing you with an infinite timer. Keep going to the next room (go down the stairs).
  • You’ll find a sliding door (like the card key doors) that is open and below it is a table. Push the table to the right to block the giant oni from coming to you. Its timer will now be off.

Nira Oni49 - Giant Blob escape

Congratulations! You have now passed this floor and will now move on to the final part of the game!

Dolls you can now obtain:

  • Takuro Doll:
    • Go to the ground floor.
    • Go then to the kitchen and go behind the counter to find the “Takuro Doll”.
  • Hiroshi Doll: (Only if you have picked up “Poison (4)”)
    • Go to the 3rd floor right hallway where the instant death roach is.
    • Use the “Poison” and make the roach go there. For an easy method, go right before the death trigger and place the poison there. After placing it, just walk up then start walking down. The roach will walk on it and die. The setup is shown below.

Nira Oni47 - Using Poison

    • Now keep going down the hallway. You’ll enter a room with only one item in it. This is the “Hiroshi Doll.” Pick it up and proceed.

Nira Oni48 - Inventory

Well, that’s all I know right now. I finished this game today (June 10th) so I’m pretty sure there are quite a few flaws. But I’ll fix this later once I get more knowledge on the events and replay the game a few more times.


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