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Day 27 – Nira Oni Part 6, Walkthrough End (v1.12)

Despite having the official walkthrough out, I’ll still finish writing this. I still found it fun, getting the bad end the first time (it didn’t seem much like a bad end to me). And I actually prefer the bad end to the normal end, probably because there’s a cut scene at the end, unlike normal end.

Nira Oni49 - Giant Blob escape

We pick up from the part when we trapped the giant mutant blob. In here, we cannot go back anymore to the other floors. And this is the part where the game branches, to the Bad End / Perfect End or to the Normal End. There is one doll you can get in this floor. Scroll down to find out what doll it is and how to get it.

Bad End (5th Floor):

Nira Oni52 - Ryan

“Somehow I’m compelled to put these dolls here.”

  • Go to the middle door. In here, go up the stairs to the 5th floor.
  • Go pick up the books scattered around the floor of the lounge (the 5th floor). Looks like somebody has been doing some research on these books. I wonder who it is and what they’re after? There are 5 books in total.
  • You have to place them in the proper places.
    • “Book A” is placed at a bookshelf left of the locked door.
    • “Book B” is placed at the most bottom right bookshelf next to where “Book E” is.
    • “Book C” is placed in the bookshelf directly below the locked door to the right.
    • “Book D” is placed downstairs, go out to where you trapped the giant mutant blob. And then the nearest bookshelf to Hiroshi is the place to put it.
    • “Book E” is placed at the nearest bookshelf to the right of the locked door in the lounge.
  • Now that you’ve placed all the books in the correct places, the door is now open. Go in there to a no-light room next to a room which is roach infested. You’ll see Takeshi in there (funny, since you can go back to the 4th floor and can still get the Normal Ending, you’ll know what I mean when you do the Normal End.)

Nira Oni60 - Takeshi

  • Move to the next room. Ryan is in this room. If you pick her up, you can no longer go back to get the Normal End. Hiroshi will say that he’ll have to take Ryan to a safe place before doing anything else. You can’t also just ignore Ryan, you’ll have a ‘moment of silence’ if you go to the stairs and ignore Ryan (by this I mean, you’ll force yourself back.) So pick her up and go downstairs.

Nira Oni52 - Ryan

  • Go downstairs (use the right stairs) to go to the first floor. Go through the exit in the left to go to an empty room with a locked door, a box and a bed that’s isolated.
  • You don’t have to do this, but you can put your “Glass of Water” in the refrigerator next to the left exit.

Nira Oni62 - Water

  • After you place the “Glass of Water” in this refrigerator. Go out to the left.
  • This is the final oni chase. Go out through the bottom exit, an oni with an infinite timer will start chasing you from the upper exit.

Congratulations! You have obtained the “Bad End”!

Perfect End (5th Floor):

This how to get the Perfect End. It uses the beginning of the Bad End. So proceed with the Bad End until the first step listed here.

Nira Oni62 - Water

“Why did you carry it all the way when Takeshi’s already conscious?”

Though straightforward, I’m still placing this in another area. The game right now doesn’t have a Perfect End as its missing a doll, but maybe there may come a difference in the Bad End and the Perfect End later when it does update.

  • Picking up from the point where you pick up Ryan (Bad End route), you’ll be in a long set of stairs which lead to the first floor. Before you move on to the next room, you can make a trip to the door near the left exit. This room is the Voodoo Doll room.

Nira Oni61 - Doll Room

  • Place your Dolls in this room. If you have all six dolls, you are qualified for the Perfect End.
  • Go in the stairs and proceed. (This is not existent in v1.12, you need at least v1.13 to go further, go to the v1.14 walkthrough to find the Perfect End.)

Normal End (4th Floor, 2nd Hallway):

This is the route to the Normal End. In the Normal End, three people survive, which is one more than the Bad End. But I still prefer the Bad End because of the scene that happens in it.

Nira Oni50 - Takeshi

“Takeshi, what are you doing hiding back there?”

This End is harder than the Bad End particularly because there’s a very long chase included. Although that chase can be easily passed, it still is one of the hardest chases because of its length.

  • Starting in the 4th floor where Hiroshi blocks the giant mutant blob, go proceed to the left door.
  • In this room you’ll find two locked hunchback oni. There’s nothing in this room, so proceed to the door to the left.
  • You’ll find a battery in here but cannot pick it up because you already have batteries. So proceed through the bottom-left hall.
  • Keep going and you’ll find a door, go in this door.
  • Go to the right side of the room and you’ll notice Takeshi popping up from one of the open spaces in the top left corner.
  • Go to the box next to him and talk to it.

Nira Oni50 - Takeshi

  • He’ll ask you to get his batteries, which are the batteries you found before going to this room. Go back to that room and pick up “Takeshi’s Batteries”.
  • Go back to where Takeshi was and you’ll find Takuro. After speaking for a while, an oni will burst out from the door behind him and start following you. You’ll dash to the left and the oni (infinite timer) chase will begin.

Nira Oni51

  • All the doors in this next room are locked. So you have to just run. You could just proceed normally by pushing the boxes out of the way, or you could do the simpler way by following this.

Nira Oni53 - Back to the 4th floor

  • Push the box to go through it and then immediately push it back so the oni can’t get to you. He will then glitch up and go through the door.

Nira Oni54 - Blocking the doors

  • Go push the box nearest to you to the door to block him from coming out that door.

Nira Oni55 - BLOCK

  • The nearest push-able box in the above picture will be used to block the third door. (The one in the left side of Hiroshi’s position in the picture). You have to make it quick. The oni will probably be near the door by the time you place the box.
  • And with that, you can just move safely down the stairs to the next room.

Nira Oni56

  • This next room is the same as the Bad End final room. Go down to the south exit to end the game. Make sure not to stop near the top door in this room. Even if you blocked the oni, the oni will still open the door and start chasing you.

Congratulations! You have gotten the Normal End.

Doll obtained in this floor:

  • Ryan Doll:
    • Go to the stairwell leading to the 5th floor lounge in the area where you trapped the giant mutant blob.
    • Go to the bottom-right corner of the room and go up then right. You’ll go to an invisible step area.

Nira Oni63 - Ryan Doll 1

    • Proceed up to the door and the “Young Key” will be used to unlock it.
    • You’ll be in a room in what seems to be a Nursery (judging from the name of the key). Go to the left side to pick up the “Ryan Doll”.

Nira Oni64 - Ryan Doll 2

I was surprised to have gotten the bad ending first. I thought I was doing pretty well, until I found out only two survived. In the other route, it seemed like only Hiroshi would survive. But when I played that route, I found out Cassey found Ryan and they got out.


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  1. if we hav hydrogen peroxide cant we get poison4 !!!!

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