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Day 28 – Nira Oni Part 1

Well today is the day I post part 1. This is about my experience and what I’m missing as of the moment. Well to start, Nira Oni is a Japanese fangame from the game Ao Oni. It is known for it’s complicated puzzles (is it really complicated?) and will probably take the person playing it a good 2 – 3 hours (I finished in 1 hour and 20 minutes).

Up to date, as in today… I have finished the game 4 times, with 2 normal endings and 2 bad endings. The save with the most steps is probably the one where I had to scan each and every wall in the 4th and 5th floors for the Ryan doll. In total, it’s around 12,000 steps.

Nira Oni64 - Ryan Doll 2

“Oh there you are you Young Doll.”

Also up to date, I’m missing only one obtainable doll. This is the “Takeshi Doll”. According to a certain person, the doll should be sitting around the 2nd floor. I already tried to check every room in the floor and talked to everything that could seem like it had a secret. I probably had to do the same thing I did with how to get the “Ryan Doll”, which is to hug the walls. I’ll try to do this tomorrow if my schedule allows it.

Nira Oni62 - Water

“You did need it. You just didn’t know what the use of it was.”

I was actually quite fond of the game when I started it. I actually started it right after I downloaded Ao Oni. After getting stuck in the Piano Puzzle in Ao Oni, I picked this up and started playing it. Before picking up Ao Oni, I got to the second floor of Nira Oni. Eventually though, I finished Ao Oni before this. I’d say both was pretty hard (when it came to puzzles), but I liked Nira Oni more because of the graphics.

It’s not finished as of now, but I do hope the Perfect End of the game won’t let me down.

Nira Oni65 - Glitch

“You will forever be surrounded by darkness.”

Something I encountered while doing Nira Oni today. When I was searching for Takeshi’s doll, I stumbled upon this small thing. Seeing as it was some sort of break through, I investigated to see if it would lead me to the only doll I was missing besides the unreleased “Cassey Doll”.

It was kind of weird though, it seemed to be a passability glitch. One wherein the player just goes out of the map, by this I mean it would just take me out of that map, I can go in any direction, unlike discovering the path to “Ryan Doll”. I kept traveling up to see if anything would happen, but unfortunately, nothing did. If it were RPG Maker, surely it would have looped or even stopped at some point. But it did not, or maybe it was just a very big map. It’s quite dangerous going in two-directions here (for example, up-left or up-right), as it would probably be very hard to get back.

I conclude it to be a passability glitch with these kind of… how should I say this… symptoms.


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