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Day 30 – Nira Oni Part 8, Doll Locations (v1.12)

As we all know, as of now, all the dolls have been released. But this guide is for the 1.12 release, so there is one doll missing. Here’s how to get all the dolls, in order of story mode progression.

2nd Floor:

Mika Doll:

  • Go to the first right room in the second floor.
  • If you go through the box puzzle to the upper part of the map, you’ll find the “Mika Doll.” It’s fairly easy to get as it’s not hidden in any way.

Takeshi Doll:

  • This is located near the “Mika Doll” room. After exiting this room, hug the right wall and keep trying to enter the wall. Eventually you’ll find an entrance. As shown in the picture below, all you need to do is go right from here.

Nira Oni66 - Takeshi Doll

  • Go in it and you’ll find an empty room with tiles like the one in the 4th floor giant mutant blob room. There’s nothing here but the “Takeshi Doll” however.

Nira Oni67 - Takeshi Doll


4th Floor:

Takuro Doll:

  • Go to the ground floor.

NiraOni70 - Takuro Doll

  • Go then to the kitchen and go behind the counter to find the “Takuro Doll”.

Hiroshi Doll: (Only if you have picked up “Poison (4)”)

  • Go to the 3rd floor right hallway where the instant death roach is.
  • Use the “Poison” and make the roach go there. For an easy method, go right before the death trigger and place the poison there. After placing it, just walk up then start walking down. The roach will walk on it and die. The setup is shown below.

Nira Oni47 - Using Poison

  • Now keep going down the hallway. You’ll enter a room with only one item in it. This is the “Hiroshi Doll.” Pick it up and proceed.

Nira Oni48 - Inventory

4th and 5th Floor ~ The End ~:

Ryan Doll:

  • Go to the stairwell leading to the 5th floor lounge in the area where you trapped the giant mutant blob.
  • Go to the bottom-right corner of the room and go up then right. You’ll go to an invisible step area.

Nira Oni63 - Ryan Doll 1

  • Proceed up to the door and the “Young Key” will be used to unlock it.
  • You’ll be in a room in what seems to be a Nursery (judging from the name of the key). Go to the left side to pick up the “Ryan Doll”.

Nira Oni64 - Ryan Doll 2

And with that, the walkthrough for the doll locations is nearly complete. Time to wait for the final doll to get the Perfect End!


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