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Day 35 – Nira Oni Part 7, Version 1.13 Update

Well today, I tried checking CP ~Rebuilt again so I can find out if the “Marble Statue” is really outside Class 2-9. All I see are letters though, maybe I have to go to the other world? Some event might trigger there, but it seems like I’ll be stuck forever if that’s the case… Unless it was actually some sort of dream.

I’ve also encountered a problem with my laptop that caused it to blue screen and not start up properly. I’m writing this in Safe Mode (thankfully I can), and so far it’s running pretty well. I’ll try to get this problem fixed as soon as possible.

I’m still playing White Day. Well more like… I started yesterday night playing the game again. I’m not really sure what to do once the So-Young event starts, but I hope I can pass it soon.

Nira Oni74 - Forever now.


“New screen?!”

Back to Nira Oni! This time, there’s a big update that allows us to get the Perfect End! As I was hyped up about it, I immediately downloaded the game and started another game to see what changed. The first thing that changed would be the title screen. It’s been changed to host the amount of dolls the player has gotten. Seeing as I have gotten only 5 as of the moment, it should show 5. But due to a small bug within the game, it shows all 6 dolls.

NiraOni69 - v113


“How can you not be entertained Hiroshi?!”

There are a few things I noticed that changed within the game. This is one of them. I’m pretty sure a lot more has changed, but seeing as I haven’t played this for some time this, along with the Normal End and Bad End route have changed. In the Normal End, when the final run is happening, you can no longer block the Oni. You have to run away all the way. I kind of like it this way as the Oni will no longer be bugged and it’s more challenging. In the Bad End, Ryan is now moving around. And in the room before, if you enter it… you can no longer go back. This means, if you go through the lounge door, you can no longer go back.

Nira Oni72 - Glitch2

“I can’t see anything here.”

There are a few bugs I encountered here. One was a classic glitch like the first one I reported. It’s already been fixed, so there is nothing much to say about this. It’ll corrupt your data if you save inside this area, so be careful if you decide to check it out. The other one was already mentioned above, which was the title screen doll bug.

For now, this is it. Currently, I’m trying to look for the “Cassey Doll”. I’m pretty sure I’ve checked 95% of the game already… I’ll update as soon as I can if I do find it.


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