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Day 38 – Nira Oni Part 13, A kind of Review and Questions

Quite a long title isn’t it? Since the v 1.14 update is still fresh, I’m still going to talk about it today. I’ve done a lot in the game, and I would actually say that it was a shame for me to not have noticed it till v 1.12. I absolutely love the art in the game and how the camera scrolls. I will not actually put any numbers, as I feel that numbers will degrade the review to nothing more than ratings.

Nira Oni109 - Mistake

“…an legend.”


I loved the graphics. It was very well done, but some things feel out of place. That’s probably because of the coding, though that didn’t really bother me at all. The notes were really neat, they had a sense of realism in a way (that’s just my opinion). Despite the art change, it still managed to capture the Ao Oni feel to it. Running away from the oni, other oni within the hospital and the timer. I thought the timer kind of made the game easier though, as it told you when you can enter another room safely. The way the player camera moves was good, I have not seen another game do that.

Nira Oni89 - NO TAKESHI

“Roaches?! WHERE?!”


Just like any horror game, the sound plays a big role when determining the scare-factor. With the creepy music of the second floor with the skittering of the roach or the appearance of the oni, it never failed to jump scare me. Even though I played the game around six times, no matter what, when an oni appeared, I ‘d be freaked out inside. The sounds of the waves crashing (or the rain, either way) felt somewhat out of place at first, but I found that it actually fits the ‘silent music’ criteria horror games have.

Nira Oni83 - Ghosts

“You have a nice sister, Ryan.”


The characters were pretty much the same. With two new additions, a little girl with her sister, the gang had become six people. Will the two new additions fit in with the old gang? Fortunately, they did. In fact, you could actually say that Nira Oni revolved around the two girls. Mostly the little sister though. As we know, it’s hard to find character development in a game that’s so short. But the development of Ryan herself and how the gang (I think it’s just Hiroshi though) tried to prevent her mind from getting traumatized by the event was pretty well done. Although, wouldn’t the smell of the place get to Ryan in some cases? Or is it that she’s used to places with smells like this (Haunted House, perhaps)?

Nira Oni51



Much like Ao Oni, it features the puzzle-after-puzzle and the chasing of the oni. Unlike Ao Oni however, the oni is faster in here (that means that you can’t ‘lose’ the oni as it has the same speed as you), making it harder to lose. Although I’d say it’s a bit easier in terms of chases as the only thing that can really chase you is the main oni itself, making closets a really good place to hide (unlike Ao Oni 6.23, where Mika can pop out from those places). The heightened difficulty plus the achievement of getting dolls in Nira Oni make it quite enjoyable, especially since you can get a Perfect Ending where you can save everybody.

Nira Oni79

“No way.”


I think this is the last thing I’ll talk about. It kind of goes hand in hand with characters though. One thing I’ll say, is that it’s solid. It doesn’t feature too many plot holes (when it does, you can solve it by thinking hard about it) and its also relatively straightforward, nothing like some Yume Nikki. As the character development was well made, of course the story would have to follow.

Nira Oni46

“I am compelled by this Hydrogen Peroxide to not pick up that bottle in the cupboard.”

My thoughts: (Not part of the Review)

I’ve always wondered what I’ll do with the two most useless items in the game, which is the “Glass of Water” and the “Hydrogen Peroxide”. I know the former is to be placed in the room before the Bad End final chase. The latter is to prevent the obtaining of the “Hiroshi Doll”. Other than this, what do they have a use for? I thought the “Hydrogen Peroxide” would be used as a disinfectant or even a possible bleach to a bloodstain somewhere to solve a puzzle of some sort (like a hidden doll?) And the “Glass of Water” would be used for some event much like the “Hydrogen Peroxide”. Although I think it was fine to have the glass do nothing.


8 thoughts on “Day 38 – Nira Oni Part 13, A kind of Review and Questions

  1. How do I get the roach poison?

    • First, don’t pick up the “Hydrogen Peroxide”.
      Second, go to the fourth floor and to the room to the right (the dark room which you have to light up). Go upstairs and one of the cupboards have it.

  2. I don’t know how to make the full alphabet cipher. 😦

    • You are only given one piece of paper right? The one with E – I and R – W? The pattern there is that with each shape they add a | first, then a dot after that, then another dot to form a |:, after that, it moves on to a line below the shape like _, then finally it’s off to another shape. That should give enough help 😀

  3. By move I mean the next letter, you’ll get the pattern when you look at the paper 🙂

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