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Day 36 – Nira Oni Part 9, All Dolls and Update?

Yes, as the title suggests, I’ve gotten all dolls. The final doll was hard to get, but after consulting the person who knows all, I have gathered enough hints to make a guess as to what to do. I am really thankful for that!

What I’m going to say here will not be the location of the final doll. I’ll leave that for tomorrow, since I’m going to leave doing the Perfect End for tomorrow. I really want to play Ragnarok Online 2 already, so that’s why I postponed it for tomorrow. Well… not only that. After thinking about what the person who knows all said, I’ve thought about not releasing the information immediately.

So for now, I’ll do an “Experience” day. Don’t get me wrong, I really just want to save it for tomorrow.

Nira Oni77


“Are you real?”

Takuro obviously knows whats up, along with his Naver blog. I’ve always wondered how people got Takuro to speak different things other than his usual “I want to go home” or something like that. So I began to pester him by talking to him relentlessly, and after a while, I got him to say different things! I’m so proud of myself. Seriously.

Nira Oni75 - PAPERS

“You’re not entertained by the mere thought of papers?! What are you, boring man?!”

I’ve always thought this would lead me somewhere. Apparently though, it didn’t lead me anywhere. Kind of a let down, but much like the monopoly board game, he isn’t entertained by it. Then what does entertain you, Hiroshi?! This was during my fifth play of the game, trying to search for the “Cassey Doll”.

Nira Oni76 - Progress

“What are you used for, Hydrogen Peroxide?!”

This is during my fifth game. I’ve played for an awful lot, trying to find the “Cassey Doll” in every floor. I could safely say I’ve searched every spot in the game. Every wall, every object. I mean, what do you think have I done with 25,000 steps and 3 hours of gameplay? Run around in circles? Actually, I might have done that. Well that aside, I’ve always wondered what the usage of “Hydrogen Peroxide” was. I know I wasn’t supposed to pick it up for a chance at the “Hiroshi Doll”, but clearly as you can see, I have both. That just means I picked up the “Hiroshi Doll” before the “Hydrogen Peroxide”.

Well, good luck to all the people who are currently or will be playing for the Perfect End!


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