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Day 37 – Nira Oni Part 10, Perfect End?

After getting the Perfect End yesterday, I’ve been quite happy and have decided to post about my experience with the ending. It’s actually quite a long road till the end, once you get to place all the dolls. I’ll try to do this experience without ruining the fun. And by that I mean I’ll try to not give too much spoilers.

Nira Oni143 - Perfect End Complete

“Does that heart signify love? Or is it just telling me no one died?”

I’ve thought long and hard about this one and I’m kind of guessing it’s both. I feel like it’s just… the survival of everyone somewhat. But in the epilogue, it just seems like Cassey and Hiroshi kind of… how should I say this without spoilers… hang out more? Oh well, that probably gave it away already, but it seems Hiroshi hangs out with Ryan and Cassey more.

Even Cassey still plays hide and seek, I’m pretty sure Ryan loves that game, despite how old I think she is. The perfect end is really nice, but the way the epilogue ended made it seem like it was setting up a sequel or another event. Something like that anyway. For some reason, I thought it would end in a bittersweet way, kind of like the oni reappearing in some place or something like that.

Nira Oni140 - Time

“Why did you take so long?!”

Yeah, I have to say that I took quite long to finish. That was mostly because when I was doing the Perfect End, I had to eat dinner (at 11:00 PM mind you) and that took quite a bit from my game time. It’s better than having a 4 hour game time though. It was a fun game, and I hope to some extras would be released after this!

Thank you Nira Oni and good luck to the other players! Oh yeah, shortly after this, I’ll update the pages at (Ending Walkthrough and Doll Locations) 1:00 PM (+8:00 GMT)!


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