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Day 33 – White Day: A labyrinth named School Part 1

Eh, as I got stuck in CP ~Rebuilt~, I took a chance and downloaded this game. It’s the first 3D horror game I’ve ever posted in this blog. The reason for this is because I get scared easily, so I try to play the 2D ones for the less jump scare feel. I’m actually kind of looking forward to playing it. I mean, I’ve started it but then I got freaked out by the atmosphere so I stopped after playing a while. Well that was only one reason. Another reason was because I started to defragment my laptop.

Excuses aside… for a 2001 game, it’s pretty good looking. The interface is nice and the graphics are nice as well, all taking into consideration this is an old game. I actually had a hard time looking for a place to download this game. Yesterday though, I finally found a place to download the game with the English Patch. (It’ll be a pain playing it in Korean, since I know next to no Korean.)



“What kind of cool name do I want?”

First up was the Name and Difficulty screen. The Difficulty choosing went first. When I was looking around for the game, I had heard that “Very Easy” and “Easy” modes were not scary at all because they took off most of the scares. When I looked in the wiki for the mode descriptions, I also found out that if I played it in “Very Easy” or “Easy” mode, I’ll be missing a few endings. If it weren’t for that, I’d probably play it on the two easiest modes! So I picked “Normal” mode as my final selection. Next was the name entering screen. As usual, I’d enter my username as “Athena Kitsune.”


“Now where did that two-red eyes thing on the door go?”

It starts all in the high school building. When I first spawned, I looked left at the brown door. Apparently, there was a pair of red eyes on it, so I ran to this corner. I’m not sure what that was, but I have a feeling it’ll freak me out sooner or later.

I just hope I get through this game alive…


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