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Day 34 – White Day: A labyrinth named School Part 2

Where the heck is that “Marble Statue” in CP?! I was told it would be outside Classroom 2-9, but as far as I know… There are only letters there. For now though, I can’t proceed in CP and I’m stuck playing White Day. I actually feel less scared when I play the game during mornings. I’m pretty sure that’s obvious though.



“Too bad… I’m in Normal Mode.”

First thing I saw was this. While checking out the menus of the game, I found out that I couldn’t check my cellphone for any messages at all. Kind of weird, but I think the messages are supposed to give hints to the game. It makes me happy somewhat.


“Why are you so curious, young lady?”

Before this scene was the first time the Janitor of Doom has ever spotted the main character. I thought the cutscene would end and I would be running for my life against the guy, but it turns out one of the girls I saw in the beginning pulled me to safety. It seems like she knows a thing or two about the place and the Janitor’s current state, but she doesn’t seem to say anything about it. Oh well, time to move on.

After looking around in the two rooms, I went outside. Out of the three times I’ve played the beginning, two of them had the Lunch Lady ghost. The first time I actually got damaged by her and the third time I just saw the face and immediately started running for my life. Naturally… I’d freak out during the time it damaged me, but I didn’t even react because it popped and faded so suddenly. I was also told that it would linger around me for some time, so I ran down the hallway to the second floor as fast as I could.


“Please don’t spot me…”

This is the actual first time the player can run away from the Janitor. I don’t know when exactly he appears, but I’m guessing he appears after the character sees the hanged woman near the dark area in this floor. In the first and second time I went to the second floor, I used this area to hide from the Janitor. In the second time, I wasn’t so lucky as he spotted me. He lost me after a while, while I was hiding here, but during a second run in the area, he spotted me and started chasing me.

Luckily, he’s easy to outrun and he hits quite slow. So I managed to get by him without getting hit. I went to the bathroom and tried to save, but I couldn’t since he was still chasing me. I thought I’d be dead when he went in, but thankful for his slowness, I just ran to the exit. I saw So-Young in the end, but couldn’t speak to her since he was still chasing me.

“Why are you still alive So-Young?!” is what I thought. How can the Janitor pass her without killing her?


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