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Day 88 – The Gray Garden

Welcome to The Gray Garden! With this game, I have become a fan of Deep Sea Prisoner/Mogeko. The stories, they are all so good!

I got this game last week, but I was so busy I couldn’t play a lot. I had a lot of time yesterday so I decided to finish the game. I kind of regret it a bit since I won’t be able to see any more of the life of Yosafire and her friends. Though if I never finished the game, I won’t be able to write this or like the game as much as I do now. Anyway, spoilers ahead, again. Unlike past posts, I won’t post pictures in chronological order. You know, so there won’t be too much spoilers.



I played Mogeko Castle before this so I knew what to expect in the game. But contrary to Mogeko, this game has RPG elements rather than the normal adventure elements that Mogeko had. This is particularly the reason I picked it up, since before being a horror game and adventure game person, I was a full-on RPG person. Even until now I still think RPG is the best genre there is.


“What for?”

There are a lot of these type of jokes in the game. Without them, I’d probably see the game as a really serious save the world kind of game. Because of the jokes as well, it was quite hard to take the events seriously. Though that quickly changed when the second-half of the game rolled in. The first-half of the game was just the daily lives of Yosafire and her friends. The second-half, it’s probably best to not say. You know, because that will really spoil the game.


“I’m not an Ultra doo-doo moron-head.”

Comparing this to Mogeko Castle, I’d have to say I’m more happy with this one. One of the reasons being that RPG games speak to me more compared to adventure and horror games. Another would be the graphics. The graphics, despite being done in an RPG Maker 2000 setting, is really well done. There are many scenes with art in them, such as this scene for example. Maybe it’s because I just love the art that I’m biased with it. It’s still really good, though.


“You don’t control me!”

The game is relatively straight-forward. It’s easy to find where to go next just like in Mogeko Castle. That said, even the difficulty of the game is not hard. There are very little Bad Ends in the game, so if you’re going to play the game, proceed without worry! You also switch between characters a lot, but most of them you do not need to train, because there are actually no battles you need to use them for (except for Ater, Arbus, Dialo and Chelen). Those four, may be exposed to a few battles, but will not be used at all in the main story battles.


“Yeah! You’re going to make it more harder for us!”

Much like Mogeko Castle, there are violent scenes in the game, though less compared to Mogeko. Because of all the comedy that happens, even though the characters are really beaten up, you don’t really feel too much for them. The comedic effect also gave me the feeling that none of characters will actually die within the game. Which, turns out I was right. Despite all the getting beaten up, none of them died.



What are you laughing about Froze..? Are you laughing about the difficulty of the game?! On that note then, let’s talk Items! Items in this game can actually be neglected, except for equipment of course. Despite having 99 apples, 99 apple pies and 60+ caterpillars, I didn’t use any of them. Particularly because I trained a lot and over-leveled a lot. There are a few items around the town that can be picked up multiple times, such as the apple-pie during the beginning and the strawberries at Raspbel’s and Rawberry’s house. Equipment can be bought, but most of the equipment comes from the chests during the second-half of the game. So basically, once you get to the second-half, money becomes useless. Unless you want to run a challenge run!


“That useless MP pool Froze…”

The battles are really simple as well. After a few levels, in every area, the battles become so easy that it’s funny. What the readme file said is actually true. The game’s battles are really easy since the focus is on the story. Either way though, there are battles and this is an RPG game, so I’ll talk a bit about the battles! Battles are much like in any RPG, attack, guard, skill usage, item usage, and fleeing. If you level up too much in this game, battles become a joke and even boss battles can’t last more than 2 turns. But that’s besides the point, since the story is the main point!


“Yummy Mr. Flamey Bat”

Are you ready to try Rawberry’s wonderful diet? No? Me neither! On that note… get it? Note, because there’s a note in the dialog? No as well? Oh well, that sucked. Next up is the music. The music is very soothing (except for the chase scene and the boss battles). Even in normal battles, the music is very not battle-like. Despite that, it’s done well. I especially liked the sound of the village, seeing that I spent a lot of my time there.


“It’s time for adventure, Kcalb’s pets!”

Adventure elements, the main point of the game! As an RPG player, I have a habit of checking out every area and talking to every person I spot. This habit is pretty bad, seeing as most of the NPC in the game are actually useless and has no impact on you whatsoever. And there are a lot of these useless NPC around the town and in the castle. There are even useless areas in the game that if you didn’t go there, it wouldn’t change anything. It doesn’t even host an item. But that’s life right? Full of useless things that won’t really make an impact? Though I still wish they had something to do with me so I just didn’t waste my time trying to talk to them…


“You’ll never know who we are.”

As you can take note of, the game is entirely done in RPG Maker 2000! This is what surprises me, seeing that it’s relatively recent. Naturally I’d think that it would have been better to have made the game with a more recent engine, but for some reason I’m actually fine with this. It was executed well in an old engine, so why not keep it like that? Anyway, I actually didn’t notice it was RPG Maker 2000 until around one-fourth of the story.


“Tears were shed.”

Not really, but I was pretty sad that it ended. I really wanted something at the end besides a Bonus Room. There’s a second play which allows you to keep everything, but I don’t know what else you can do in there besides visit the Bonus Room (which hosts scenes that are not seen in the game) unlimited times. It makes me hope that there would be some extra dungeon, seeing that it’s an RPG game. And we still didn’t get to find out about the sword and the grave at the garden! Maybe it’s part of the extra scenes, but I wouldn’t know since I only watched the Beach Episode and the ??? scene.


“It’s Holey not Holy! -Etihw”

We near the end of the post, so I’ll just say a few things about the game (which I should have said first, but oh well). It’s a really short game, lasting around a few hours to a max of 12 hours. 12 hours was the time it took me to complete it because I took my time, talked to every person there is and leveled up like there was no tomorrow. So I ended the game at around level 30. And by that time, all bosses couldn’t even last 2 turns. Story is absolutely fantastic and 10/10 would play the game again! So go ahead, if your attention span has gotten you this far in the post, try the game! If you made it this far, that means you’re interested in the least, so for sure (not really, but I hope) you’ll be interested in playing the game!


“Yeah! Let’s go!”


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