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Day 86 – Mogeko Castle

Hasn’t it been a really long time since I’ve done a page? I’ve been really quite busy as of late because of college work, but after playing this game, for some reason, despite the pile of work I have, I was motivated to do this!

This is a somewhat explicit (some of the pictures will show blood, as if I didn’t say anything about it during my Corpse Party posts). Though it’s just a picture and nothing else of it, it can be a bit disturbing. Proceed at your own risk.

I have a lot of pictures I’d like to show off so this might be a relatively long page, so please bear with me. Oh and there are a bit of spoilers, so prepare yourself!


“What is there to see in the right side?”

First up, I downloaded this game last week Sunday. I didn’t get around to playing it until today, because I started with The Sandman then moved to Hello, Hell…o? Both of those games I haven’t finished, particularly because I haven’t a clue with how to proceed with The Sandman and I haven’t got back to playing the other one.


“Oh. So that was her last name.”

As a first impression of the game, it seemed really weird, but the art design is absolutely wonderful. Simple but well done. The music isn’t bad as well. I know some of it came from the RPG Maker BGM database. Now the story, the story is executed really well. That is the thing that pushed me to make this page. The game doesn’t seem like the type of game to be well known due to its weird look, but I believe that the story can push it to be.


“What are you talking about, I don’t see cute.”

I mean I know the Mogekos are quite cute, but seeing those things on the rooms to the side completely shuts off my cute sensor. But I guess it is kind of cute now that I think about it. Everything is actually pretty cute, just minus all the blood, implied R-18 things and all the killing involved. I initially thought it would just be some weird happy-go-lucky story, I guess I was proved wrong pretty quickly.


“Guardian of the floor, Moffuru.”

I mean look at this. And despite playing it only an hour ago, I already forgot what floor this fur-ball is a guardian of. Who wouldn’t think that the little ball of fluff is actually cute? And it’s actually pretty weird that in this floor, despite how happy all the fluff-balls are (they were originally mogekos though), they only have one month left to live due to a parasite (excluding the floor guardian of course). I guess they’re trying to make do with what they have left. That’s actually pretty nice, now that I think about it.


“Not really a Bad End, but more like a Wrong End.”

Just like what I said above, it’s not necessarily a Bad End when you think about it. It’s actually pretty happy compared to the story that comes after it if it was avoided. Besides the regular Gameover screens, some of these Bad Ends are actually pretty hilarious. Like the one above for example, in there you elope with Defect Mogeko or Nega-Mogeko, since at this part it isn’t known that he’s Nega-Mogeko. For some reason the art reminds me of Disgaea. Bad Ends are usually a treat, since they have a bit of story to them unlike just getting caught during a chase scene.


“Stop. The feelings are overflowing…”

In this part, I couldn’t help but let the feelings overflow. I mean, I didn’t cry, but I was really saddened by the fact that one of my favorite characters died. Seeing how it always happens in these stories, I already knew he’d die near the end. Despite that, I was still sad about it and seeing Yonaka’s sprite change to one with tears kind of reinforced the sadness. This is what made me like the game as well. Seeing how a simple foreshadowed death could still induce this much sadness, this is something good.


“Where are the choices”

This. There are two that I came across, that has these choices. They all mean yes, so if you don’t want to kill anyone or keep making the crying mogeko cry, then I suggest you don’t trigger the event at all. These are funny as well though, but not as funny as the Bad Ends, seeing as you break someone’s heart either way. So from this we can deduce one thing, and as well with the castle itself. Yonaka is unaffected by everything that happens near her unless it directly affects her, like Nega-Mogeko and her brother.


“I’m grateful for you… Shinya.”

Even though I never really knew you and was actually quite scared of you, especially during those last parts. Even though Yonaka was surrounded by blood and corpses of the mogeko, she never once said “gross” or “disgusting”. That is actually pretty weird itself and reminds me of how Aya kind of saw things in Mad Father. Seeing the final parts of the game, I kind of understand why though, her other brother (kind of like Nega-Mogeko and King-Mogeko) loves killing and torturing people the same way Moge-ko likes it.


“I too am… happy.”

I actually thought for some reason that it was Yonaka who was going to die, seeing as her brother was like that. That last part before she killed her own brother tells me that she is pretty much used to this already. Yonaka didn’t even hesitate in thrusting the big knife forward. But as it turned her brother back to normal, I guess it did end happily in one way. I’m happy it ended this way.


“Are you ready for what comes next?”

You’d think it would freeze right here, but did you forget what happened in the beginning? We’re not done yet! I wish I stopped playing here already. It would have been so nice and wonderful. But no… I’m the type who would like to see the epilogue if there is any. Apparently there was! It was the ending of the story during the beginning. What happened? I’ll leave that for you to find out.


“YES, my YES is right here.”

I don’t know if it’s just a spoof of some sort, but if it isn’t, then this has all my yes. The game has a wonderful story and Moge-ko kind of died at some part near the final floor right? So maybe this is what happened to her, and why she didn’t show up at all. I’d love to see this game, even if it’s all happy or if it’s an actual RPG. I just hope it’s not some weird advertisement with no meaning.


“I promise you this is the last picture. Oh wait.”

It is not apparently. Seriously. After seeing all that, they prompt you if you want to go to the Bonus Room, or exit (I think there was another option, but I don’t remember). They put all the sprites here and you can also change the clothes of our lovely main character Yonaka. And as you can see, it roughly took me 2 hours and 30 minutes to finish the game. It’s not that hard and the puzzles are not hard at all, if they can even be considered as puzzles. You wouldn’t actually play this game for the gameplay, but rather, the story.


“Nice… fan service.”

Here’s some Maid Yonaka for making it to the end of the post! Cheers, oh wait. We’re not exactly at the end yet if you’re still reading this. The game is not hard at all and it’s pretty straightforward. The only times you’d die is if you made a wrong choice (like for example, spamming the talk button and accidentally picking the first choice, which leads to your doom) or if you get caught during a chase scene. I probably only restarted like 10 times, mostly because I wanted to (due to Bad Ends). I thought I’d spend a long time during one of the chase scenes which had a fork and during the one where I had to guess which door to go to.

Other than that, it was smooth and I could enjoy the story really well. And this is it. This is the end of the page. Congratulations on making it here!


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