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Day 15 – Ayakashi: Ghost Guild ~ The most annoying event!

Following my return to the game “Ayakashi: Ghost Guild”, was the introduction of a new event and a series of mini-events around the anniversary of the game. It was today, the event had started. I was hoping for a tower event, but out came the most annoying event, which is the conquest event.

Before, I thought it was one of the best events, which gave me the good Anima “Hariti”. Now, increasing the max level of the conquest, it feels like it’s impossible to even reach the good card. Even the super hard Lv. 80 card isn’t that good, it’s nothing compared to Hariti, which was a Lv. 60 conquest reward.

As usual, the rules are the same. I assume they are at least. (Last conquest event I had was “Alice in Ayakashi Land”)

  • Main 5★ cards are Lv. 100 and above
  • No change in Attack Spirit and Defense Spirit requirements
  • Some daemons are there to help (gotten through rare summon or magatama summon only)
  • Time decreases as level increases
  • Monster HP / Attack / Defense is still the same

I still hate the fact they changed the Main cards from Lv. 80 to Lv. 100. I don’t know, maybe they changed the mechanics to be better while I was gone. So it might actually be easier to get to Lv. 100. But now, if they didn’t change anything, my 50,000 Attack from my main team won’t be able to even make it past Lv. 85 without the use of a spirit water.

I don’t really care if they increased the main 5★ cards to Lv. 100 and above, but I just wish that they could have better 3★ and 4★ cards. Those cards aren’t really helping anybody’s team at this rate…

Oh well, I’ll have to see how well I do this time around.


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