Amenomori's World

~Promise of Reunion~

Day 16 – Stepmania and Ayakashi


Recently, I’ve downloaded a DDR-like game called Stepmania. I guess that’s all that needs clarification, I mean… Everyone knows DDR right?

I haven’t gotten around to playing it, but I hope I do get to. I’ve always loved DDR-like games because of the amount of songs there are in them. Kind of like osu! in a way. There’s not much to say today, as I’m still trying to get songs for it.

Ayakashi: Ghost Guild:

Due to the past days, I’m lagging behind the event standing. So this time around, I plan to fully participate in the second-half instead. I’m just going to log in and poke everybody then log out. Hopefully I get a good card this time around…


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