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Day 39 – Ayakashi: Ghost Guild, Interstellar Tanabata Festival!

Here we are again, another tower event! I’m so hyped up as this is my favorite event (since I’m a free player). The event started a few minutes ago if I’m correct (at the time I was writing this).  So everybody’s just rushing in the start.

I have 33 Candy that I have saved up for this event. I’m hoping I could use it to get to 200F. Unlike the last tower event I participated in (Doll Tower), I only had around 10 in that event, which was the reason I didn’t make it to the 200th floor. With my 198 HP start off (due to leveling up), I would like to think this would be a good event.

This event is based on the Japanese Tradition of Tanabata (this is based on my knowledge. I’m too lazy to do any research). Two lovers were not allowed to meet each other because they were separated by the Milky Way. But on the 7th day of the 7th lunar month, they are allowed to meet. This is what Tanabata celebrates. People celebrate (too my knowledge) this by putting their wishes on bamboo.

I don’t celebrate it, but I do know the day should be around the beginning of August. I wish I did celebrate it however, as it seems kind of interesting.

There really isn’t much to say around this time as I don’t know much about the event yet. I’ll probably say something later or tomorrow. In the moment of writing this, I’m at the 16th floor.

For now, cheers.



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