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Day 45 – Soreyuke! Burunyanman! Part 1, Let’s go!

Yes. The title is “それゆけ!ぶるにゃんマン” or “Soreyuke! Burunyanman”. It roughly translates to “Go! Burunyanman”. The accuracy of that translation is not that high as I’m not really sure what “それゆけ” translates to. I know it literally translates to: “There, go!” But what its use in this context, I’m guessing only the “Go” part stayed.

I was interested in the game because of the soundtrack. I played the 3rd stage and 5th stage music in Stepmania. I’ve grown fond of it and decided to play the game. I was never really one to just settle with downloading the music. So I would download the game.

According to the research I did…The game is based on a mini-game on a Visual Novel called “マむすめーかー” or “Musumaker”. The title according to myself, translates to “Daughter Maker” or “Musume Maker.” Well… my expectations were immediately let down the moment I read about the description of the game. I felt pretty bad for the girls in the VN. If I have the courage or more like the will and mind capacity to play Musumaker… I’ll post something here. I’ll probably do it after playing Soreyuke for a while though.

Soreyuke! Burunyanman!:

Eh… The moment I looked it up, I noticed some of the scenes were kind of… not safe for work. Looks like I can’t play this at school. The actual gameplay isn’t that bad though, not much of the graphics are too “not safe for work”. I haven’t played it as I’m trying to get a download to work for it right now.


“Loli power? Why am I not surprised…”

Yes, loli are included. Since it’s not an eroge or anything like it, there should be less of those scenes, if you know what I mean. Apparently, that’s not the case. But as I aim to make this wordpress blog a safe for all kind of blog, I’ll only limit what I talk about to the actually gameplay and story of the game. (I hate it when there are ecchi scenes in my games that are not VN.) I’m looking forward to the gameplay of this one since I like playing shooters. (Take Touhou for example)


“Graphics… Not bad.”

I shouldn’t have expected any less about the graphics. It’s from people who created a good-graphics Visual Novel, so it shouldn’t be bad at all. The graphics are quite cute, but somehow, I think the ecchi scenes from combined with this will not do so well. I would have totally played this minus those scenes. I also found out that the PSP version is the technical safe for work version of the game. While that seems tempting, I’m too lazy to play it anywhere else but the PC for now.


“Boss Time.”

The bosses seem… wait… Nazrin style?! Oh, it’s just a mouse. I’ll have to see the game myself to be able to make more comments about it, so for now… Cheers.


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