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Day 47 – Soreyuke! Burunyanman! Part 2, Horizontal Madness

I was surprised to see the size of the game. Even the shooter-type Touhou games didn’t reach the size of this game. Taking that to the side and opening the game… The opening is wonderful. I didn’t expect a lot when I first opened the game. But the first few cutscenes totally blew me away. I didn’t even think that the interface would be so good. Oh, and from now on, I’ll be using my screenshots. In the first day, I didn’t finish downloading the game, so I had to use the official screenshots.



As stated in the caption, yes… two out of the three characters you can play (one of them being Dark Burunyanman, which of course, is not a girl) are neko-girls, or cat-girls for people who don’t know Japanese. Firstly, I’ll say this game does not have an English Patch. I honestly think it doesn’t need it, much like Touhou. Although this game is more story focused than Touhou as it has more dialogue.


“Proof I play the game.”

I mean, I didn’t really need proof that I played the game besides the screenshots. For some reason though I couldn’t type in Japanese, so I had to eventually choose English to write my username. For reference, I have the Japanese App Locale and my computer is set in Japanese (meaning that my interface is in Japanese). I don’t really mind not having the name that I wanted though, it’s not like everything is in garbage characters.


“クータンセ (lit. Kuutanse), the maniac mouse girl.”

Her title’s actually pretty long, so I just included the parts that interested me (who cares if she’s a school girl?). Her name is actually a type of cheese, which makes sense since she’s a mouse. And if you didn’t know, this is the stage 3 boss and this is in Normal mode. Even though I knew the game would be hard, I still decided my first run had to be in Normal. I think I’m actually doing pretty well for a person who played the game for the first time. She’s actually one of the easiest bosses I ever fought so far because her “spellcards” (Touhou lingo!) or “skills” more officially, are quite slow. They are numerous, but the way they move, it’s easy to dodge.


“Where is that princess?”

Following the story, the pair keep looking for a princess. Just like Touhou, it’s pretty hard to get some plot progress if all the dialogues are placed at the beginning and at the end. It’s fine though as I play this game for the game and music, not the story so much. It’s really fun right now, but as I said yesterday, I’ll play Ib in the next few days, so expect something for that.


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