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Day 53 – Recettear Part 1, The Merchant Life

I actually finished the game yesterday. I planned to post something while playing it, but I finished it way too fast to do anything about it (I started the day before yesterday only). Well, I didn’t even plan to post anything today, but for fun… I’m posting. Anyway, I’ll talk about the game first.



During Saturday morning, I got the sudden interest to play Japanese Role Playing Games (JRPG) for the PC. Why the PC though? It was because it was the platform I mostly use. Searching the internet, I came across Recettear. I’ve known the game for quite a while, but never found a way to download it, until recently. It took me around 8 hours to download it due to my slow internet. The long wait was worth it though, as I found the game really fun.


“Pay your debt fully!”

The main point of the game is to run an item shop. You’re supposed to sell items overpriced (with fluctuations of price every now and then) and buy items from customers under-priced. The game is really hard if you don’t take the news to your advantage, as the debt increases exponentially and it’s really hard to make a profit. So the point I’m trying to say through this is, knowledge is power. By knowing the prices and by being able to predict and be ready for what happens next, it should be easy to pay.


“Capitalism, ho!”

A prime example of taking advantage of the news. In this case, Armor has an increased price. Thinking that I could get Alouette (or as I call her, “Rich Girl”) to pay a lot since she’s rich, I decided to increase the price all the way to 300% of the base. If that didn’t work, I could always lower it to 170% – 190% for a sure-fire selling. Luckily though, she bought the item! This event made me really happy for some reason.



In my opinion, this game is quite hard. Trying to have fun is one thing, but having to focus on the selling a lot more than going to the dungeon is quite boring at times. While I did love going to the dungeon when I was fulfilling my debt, now that I finished the debt, for some reason I like being a merchant more now.


“Griff Battle!”

There are a few tips to know, according to my experience, about being a Merchant:

  • Avoid going to the Dungeon as much as possible. Only go there once or twice at most during a single week of payment. Going there too much is bad for money making.
  • Take orders seriously. Do not try to sell too expensive things, people can still decide to not buy.
  • Sell around 140% – 160% first during normal days. The people will usually decline the offer, but sometimes will take it. During the second time, sell around 115% – 130%.
  • For buying, buy first for 60% – 70%, it has a higher strike rate than the 140% – 160% of the selling prices.
  • Take advantage of the events. Stock up on items when the prices are average or low. Sell when they are expensive.
  • Do not sell too much of the same item. They’ll cause the market to crash. That will render the item useless (unless it’s a usable item) as you cannot buy it and it sells for really low.
  • Take a look at the atmosphere. What you have for sale, what carpet you use, what tables you use, what kind of flooring and what kind of wallpaper there is attracts people. It’s recommended to be in the middle, for the most customers.



As I’ve said, I’ve just recently finished the game. So expect a few more posts on the game, or on Chantelise, as I’m replaying it. For reference, I’m at Day 46, Merchant Level 37. It only took me 14 hours to get here.

“Capitalism, ho!”


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