Amenomori's World

~Promise of Reunion~

Day 1 – Starting off…

Well then… I’ll be starting off with this piece of… Oh what am I kidding, I’ll just start off by saying that I’ve always wanted to do one of these “Blog things”. I’m quite inexperienced however, so I’ll start with simple things. As I progress, I will try to move on to more advance techniques.

Huh… to start off… (I know I keep saying start)

Right here in this blog, I’ll be posting about 60% of what I do, that being the gaming world, the anime world and manga world.  Every now and then I might be posting something from my real life, but that will be quite rare.

In terms of blog content, there isn’t much. That’s because I’m trying to customize it to whatever extent I want it to be customized. But for now…

~ Cheers, Amenomori.


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